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Whole-Class Learning

Whole-class learning is a key aspect in the modern classroom. It’s a terrific tool for introducing new concepts to the entire class, or for reviewing material that most of the students found difficult. Many students grasp new ideas more quickly through whole-class instruction – especially if the material is interactive and engaging. It is a great first step in the learning process, before collaboration or team learning begins.

Boxlight educational technology offers an effective, engaging, and easy way to provide teacher-led instruction. Whole-class learning can take place from 4K touch-technology to a 130-inch brilliant interactive projected area, and our software and hardware allow teachers to teach the whole class from anywhere in the room.

NEW ProColor interactive flat panels

Our interactive Android displays offer the brilliance of HD and 4K UHD, which bring video and imagery to life. And with touch features, it’s so easy to just walk up and start using the display. These displays can enable up to 10 users to work at the same time, creating a brilliant collaborative learning area.

  • The interactive display’s huge size and LED backlighting make your lessons more visually striking and memorable, even in large classrooms.
  • Up to ten single-point touch users or five dual-touch and gestures users can work simultaneously with Touch 360° interactivity, driving collaborative learning.
  • Access to a wealth of applications in Google Classroom via Android OS built-in browser.
  • Styli and fingers can both be used in any combination for quick and easy interactivity.
  • Full-featured solution includes MimioStudio™ classroom software to easily create and deliver engaging lessons.

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This display takes classroom lessons to the next level! With its incredible size and brightness, everyone can see it from anywhere in the room—even with the lights on.”

Jason Schmidt, Instructional Technologist

MimioSpace Collaborative System

The MimioSpace collaborative system creates an expansive 32-touch area with Touch 360° interactivity—all the way across this enormous interactive space. Students can work together in an area almost 11 ft wide and over 4 ft tall, making collaborative learning at the front of the classroom a reality. Team and collaborative work have never been so engaging!

  • Laser projection offers brilliant consistent color, brightness, and image clarity.
  • Touch board doubles as a dry erase surface, so you won’t lose valuable whiteboard space in the classroom.
  • No more hassle of minimizing windows to find another—everything you need is easy to access and see.
  • Includes the dynamic MimioStudio™ classroom software and the MimioMobile™ app, which together enable collaboration and assessment at the front of the room or on almost any device. Comes with three free MimioMobile connections for the lifetime of the product!

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Boxlight laser interactive projectors



“The Boxlight interactive projector allows me to have a huge interactive collaborative space for my students to learn and for me to teach – and I still have my whiteboard.”

Travis Rink, High School Science Teacher

Touch—it’s the way the real world works. Now it can be the way your interactive classroom works, too. Touch to draw. Touch to write. Touch to move, scale, and rotate. With up to 10 students working at the same time in an interactive area as large as 140 inches. In addition, we offer the reliability of lasers, which means no bulbs to change — ever.

  • Boxlight interactive projectors bring multi-user interactivity to classrooms, with images ranging from 104 -140 inches!
  • Available in pen-only, non-interactive and bulb models.
  • Comes with award-winning MimioStudio™ classroom software and the MimioMobile™ app.
  • Software and app enable collaboration and assessment either at the front of room or on almost any student device.

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MimioTeach portable interactive whiteboard

Interactive whiteboards can be expensive and complicated, and most must be permanently installed. Not anymore. Now teachers can place the small MimioTeach™ interactive whiteboard on the dry erase boards they already have, push two buttons, and – just like that – they have a full-featured interactive whiteboard for a fraction of the cost of conventional fixed whiteboards.

  • A complete interactive whiteboard system that uses the dry erase boards and projectors you already have.
  • Straightforward interface lets you get up and running in minutes.
  • Full-featured MimioStudio software for creating engaging interactive lessons.
  • Lightweight and portable, so you can move it between classrooms, and store it safely.

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MimioTeach portable interactive whiteboard-BOXLIGHT

“The MimioTeach makes learning more student-centered, and it’s giving our teachers a host of engaging features and so many different ways to collaborate. It’s not about adding a new dimension of engagement.”

Kim Taylor, Principal, Charlotte Dunning Elementary School, Framingham, MA

MimioBoard touch board

MimioBoard touch board-BOXLIGHT

“Knowing that up to 6 students can work independently and collaboratively on this board is incredible! The learning potential exceeds any other technology I’ve had the opportunity to work with.”

Jen Maher, Computer Teacher, St. Patrick’s Elkhorn


An interactive whiteboard that offers collaborative learning and an unprecedented touch experience. With 6-point Touch 360° interactivity, up to six individuals can work together simultaneously at this easy-to-install interactive whiteboard. You get a projection-optimized touch board with an erasable surface, that means your touch board can also be used as a conventional whiteboard.

  • Includes MimioStudio™ classroom software, to easily create and deliver engaging lessons.
  • Up to 6 single-touch users or 3 dual-touch and gestures users can work together interactively at the same time, increasing student engagement and driving collaborative learning.
  • Lessons come to life in stunning quality on this projection-optimized Porcelain-on-Steel surface.
  • The lightweight touch board typically installs in less than 10 minutes with the included mounting brackets.

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NEW MimioFrame touch board kit

Make a whiteboard interactive using the MimioFrame touch board kit, which allows a teacher and multiple students to work together with 10-point Touch 360° interactivity. Students write and manipulate objects above, below, or parallel to one another with a smooth and consistent response—making collaborative learning at the front of the classroom a reality.

  • Engage multiple users in collaborative lessons or activities with 10 single-touch points or 5 dual-touch points.
  • The frame installs directly onto your dry erase board using industrial strength tape—no drilling, no mess, and no losing valuable whiteboard space.
  • Includes the dynamic MimioStudio™ classroom software and the MimioMobile™ app, which together enable collaboration and assessment at the front of the room or on almost any device. Comes with three free MimioMobile connections.
  • The lightweight kit design allows for easy installation and 75% less shipping costs than a standard touch board.

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Experience What the Classroom Can Be.

Boxlight Interactive Classroom

Educating today’s students to prepare them for tomorrow can be a challenging task. Education is more than just learning facts—it’s also building essential skills. It’s about teaching students to approach learning creatively and with critical thinking. To be innovative in their approaches and thought process. It’s about learning and working together, and being able to communicate their ideas.

Whether it’s whole-class learning, small-group collaboration, formative assessment, or STEM-based learning, Boxlight offers the services, software, and hardware that enable teachers to easily and effectively enhance student outcomes and build essential skills: critical thinking, collaboration, communication, and creativity.

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