Activate your Boxlight Products

Boxlight is pleased to provide a wide range of software with your panel purchase.

The specific software available to you will be listed on your product key card, including the number of available activations.

Please view each product below for the specific activation instructions.

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MimioStudio and MimioMobile

MimioStudio is a powerful educational software that enables collaboration and classroom assessment software that allows you to create your first interactive lesson in under 5 minutes.

Activation Instructions

  1. Download MimioStudio
  2. Install and open MimioStudio, and when prompted, enter your product key.


Learn More about MimioStudio


Optional Activations

MimioMobile may also be provided as an optional extra. Use your classroom devices for collaborative and one-to-one learning – simply and easily.

If you received MimioMobile as part of a bundle, use the same key which was used to activate MimioStudio. MimioMobile is a time-restricted license. Please check your activation card for details.

  1. Open MimioStudio
  2. Open the About dialogue:
    • On Windows, select Help > About MimioStudio
    • On Mac, select Notebook > About MimioStudio
  3. Select “MimioMobile” in the list that appears
  4. Select “Activate”, and then enter your product key.


Learn More about MimioMobile

OKTOPUS, GameZones and Blend

Annotate, Collaborate, and Poll with OKTOPUS, an interactive presentation and collaboration software designed for use with any interactive whiteboard, interactive projector and any interactive touch screen flat panel display.

OKTOPUS also includes GameZones, a multi-user application with access to over 90 educational games. A perfect fit for ages 5-13, it lets students practice Social Studies, Language Arts, Math and Science skills, and also includes teacher tools too. GamesZones is automatically activated when OKTOPUS is activated.

Activation Instructions

  1. Download OKTOPUS
  2. Install and open OKTOPUS, and when prompted, enter your product key.


Learn More about OKTOPUS Learn More about GamesZones


Optional Activations

Blend may also be provided as an optional extra. If you received Blend as part of a bundle, use the same key which was used to activate OKTOPUS. Blend is a time-restricted license. Please check your activation card for details.

  1. Register for a new account
  2. Fill out the form and enter your product key when prompted
  3. In OKTOPUS, select the settings “cog” icon and select “Log in to my account”.
  4. You can also manage your account and add new product keys at the MyInfo link.


Learn More about Blend


Bridge the distance learning gap with MimioConnect, an online blended learning platform. Engage students, enrich lessons, and enhance the learning process in and outside of the classroom. A complete learning solution that augments instruction, making it easier for teachers to teach, and students to learn.

Activation Instructions

Signing up for an account using a valid email:

  1. Visit the MimioConnect platform
  2. Select “Register for an account”
  3. After completing the registration process, you will receive an email verification link. Please allow several minutes for it to arrive. Upon receiving the confirmation email, click the link shown to validate your account.
  4. Once validated, you will be prompted to log into MimioConnect

Signing up for an account using Single Sign-On (SSO):

  1. If you are using Google Classroom, press the Google Classroom button to get started.
  2. If you are using another SSO option, please note that in most cases, your school administrator will need to set up integration between your platform and MimioConnect before you can use it. This may differ based on your platform and the settings chosen by your school. If you can successfully log in using your chosen SSO credentials, and you are redirected to the MimioConnect dashboard, then you do not need to perform any additional steps. If you cannot login, please contact your system administrator and ask them to view the admin setup guides.


Learn More about MimioConnect

Boxlight-EOS Online Professional Development


Boxlight-EOS offers you access to a library of courses to show you how to get started using your new classroom hardware and software. These courses are completely online and self-paced, so you can learn on your schedule. Practice suggestions throughout the courses point you to complete certain actions with your equipment, so we recommend you complete these courses with your display accessible and on a device with the interactive software installed. Enroll today by following the activation instructions below!

Activation Instructions

  1. Visit the Collections list at the Boxlight Online Learning Center
  2. Choose the course listed on your activation card.
  3. Click the “Buy” link.
  4. Create an account and enter the license code as coupon code.