Social-Emotional Learning Solutions

Social and Emotional Learning Solutions

Research supports that Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) in the classroom helps students build skills to confidently face present and future challenges, including with academics.

At Boxlight we understand the importance of creating supportive, culturally responsive, and focused learning experiences where students are encouraged to discover their passions and realize their full potential. We’ve developed technology solutions and professional development services that support meaningful SEL experiences in your schools.

Use Technology to Support SEL Growth

Use your Interactive Displays and Apps to help students build self-awareness, self-management, and relationship skills. It’s easier than you think to get started. For example, as a transition between class subjects, Set a Timer for 1:00 minute on the display. Encourage students to breathe slowly and reflect on what they’ve already done during the day.

Here is a free resource on using your ProColor3 to promote SEL with your students.


MimioConnect Online Blended Learning Platform

Provide Support for Teachers

Implementing anything new can seem overwhelming at first, but by providing your teachers with the proper resources and support, they will gain the confidence needed to overcome these perceived obstacles. Boxlight-EOS Education has developed SEL professional development content that examines key competencies for SEL and how to better help students learn these critical skills, using technology for increased engagement.

Choose from any of these delivery options:
  • One-Hour Introduction (Virtual)
  • Two-Hour Training (Virtual)
  • Five-Hour Deep Dive Workshops (Virtual or In-Person)

MimioConnect Online Blended Learning Platform

STEM and Social-Emotional Learning

Teaching skills like creative problem solving, persistence, and perseverance can greatly help students learn to enjoy the daily challenges they will face in a STEM career.

As students learn about logical progressions, if-then statements, and loops, they gain tools and structures that can be used as a point of reference as well as a framework for interpreting situations. This new understanding will help them make responsible decisions in real-life situations.

For instance, learning basic coding skills will help students use simple if-then statements – “If this happens, then this will happen.” When students articulate different situations in an analogical sense, this helps to remove emotion and excuses from a situation.

As you teach coding using the myBot, encourage your students to create their own, If-then statements.

Take it a step further and have students apply The Responsible Decision-Making Checklist to help them define and reach their goals.

MimioConnect Online Blended Learning Platform

Audio Clarity and Social-Emotional Learning

A key cornerstone of SEL is to provide students with multiple opportunities to share and express themselves. Using audio solutions like MimioClarity, students’ voices can clearly be heard above any ambient sounds both inside and outside of the classroom. Using a student mic, to allow students to share their projects, ideas, and answers from anywhere they’re comfortable in the classroom.

MimioConnect Online Blended Learning Platform

Support SEL for Hybrid and Remote Students

It is a challenge to keep students engaged and on task, especially when everyone can’t always be in the same room at the same time. The MimioConnect web-based platform helps educators effectively drive participation and collaboration in all settings, empowering both teachers and students to engage with content confidently, and safely, regardless of where they are. Teachers can use the video conferencing and private messaging features to help foster SEL skills and nurture the class community, whether students are learning inside the classroom or from another location.

MimioConnect Online Blended Learning Platform

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