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The key to students’ success is not only to learn science, technology, engineering, and math, but also to understand how those disciplines apply to the world around them. Students need to develop the critical skills that will prepare them for beyond the classroom, enabling them to be tomorrow’s engineers and innovators.

Boxlight STEM learning solutions open the door to inquiry-based learning and help students connect and engage with science from wherever they are. We have compiled solutions and resources to help you easily and effectively bring STEM learning to your schools and students.

Video Library

Watch videos of our STEM solutions and see which one will meet the needs of your students, teachers, and schools.


Christine Tarver Robo 3d Testimonial


Bob Wallace STEM Testimonial


Robo 3d – MyStemKits Testimonials


Mimio MyBot Video


Mimio MyBot at ISTE Video


Mimio MyBot and ShareSpace Partnership Video


Labdisc Portable STEM Lab Video


STEM Experimentation Made Easy Video


Boxlight STEM Day Video

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STEM Resources

Case Studies

Central Kitsap School District, Silverdale, WA

Cutting Edge Technology Spark Engagement for Science Students
Central Kitsap School District, Silverdale, WA

Making 3D Printing Work in the Classroom

Making 3D Printing Work in the Classroom
Swan River School District, Bigfork, Montana, U.S.

Streamlining Team Meetings with Clevertouch Technologies

Science Comes to Life Using MyStemKits Curriculum
Bob Wallace, retired high school biology teacher
Crawfordville, Florida

CaseStudy Coweta County Eclipse

Labdisc Turns a School’s 2017 Solar Eclipse Viewing Into an Impromptu STEM Lab Activity
East Coweta High School, Sharpsburg, GA


Labdisc Enviro Used in Bilateral Collaborative Research Project
American International Schools, Isreal and Czech Republic


Chile Raises the Nation’s Science Awareness
Reina de Suecia Elementary School, Santiago, Chile


Labdisc in Near Space
NOVAS afterschool program, San Francisco Bay Area High Schools, CA


Labdisc Proves Ideal for Inquiry-Based Science
School of the Future, Moscow, Russia


Labdisc Innovation and Quality Promote “Plan Ceibal” Core Values


Case Study Robo3D and MyStemKits

White Papers


Empowering Science Education


Elementary School Science With the Labdisc


Education for Global Leadership: STEM


Labdisc K-12 Science Solution


The Big Guide to STEM

The Big Guide to STEM

Hear What Education Leaders Are Saying

Listen to our conversations with education leaders as they discuss how technology and the design of the learning environment impact student success and motivation. Real stories. Real insights. Real leaders.

Motivating Young Women Into Stem Careers
We’ll take a look at the current situation and offer some key strategies to use … with Hannah Olson, Co-founder of MyStemKits.com. Thank you Boxlight for introducing us to Hannah.

Skills Needed for Quality STEM Education.
Meet one of Forbes 2017 “30 under 30 to watch” Mr. Braydon Moreno, Entrepreneur and Thought Leader, as he shares his insights on STEM Ed.


Robots in the Classroom and on the Red Planet
Jim Christensen, Executive Director of the ShareSpace Foundation


Making Robotics Easier to Implement in STEM Classrooms
Travis Rink, Boxlight Educator Advocacy Leader

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Our online training for teachers allows educators to effectively implement our STEM products into the classroom. Resources include live online Quick Learn sessions, no-cost video tutorials, Quick Learn recordings, user guides, and reference cards.

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Our STEM products are award-winning solutions that increase engagement and learning.


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Educating today’s students to prepare them for tomorrow can be a challenging task. Education is more than just learning facts—it’s also building essential skills. It’s about teaching students to approach learning creatively and with critical thinking. To be innovative in their approaches and thought process. It’s about learning and working together, and being able to communicate their ideas.

Whether it’s whole-class learning, small-group collaboration, formative assessment, or STEM-based learning, Boxlight offers the services, software, and hardware that enable teachers to easily and effectively enhance student outcomes and build essential skills such as critical thinking, collaboration, communication, and creativity.

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