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Improved Student Outcomes with Technology In The Classroom Mimio Boxlight

Boxlight products are designed to help students learn more effectively and develop the essential skills they need for success. Students respond to this enhanced way of learning, and teachers find it allows them to do more in the classroom, with less time and hassle.

Experience easy-to-use, engaging, valuable, and effective solutions for the way we teach tomorrow’s leaders today.

What Whole-Class Learning Can Be
Whether the teacher is presenting a new concept or several students are
working together at the front of the room, Boxlight interactive technologies
offer an effective, engaging, and easy way to provide teacher-led instruction.
Whole-class learning can take place from 4K touch-technology to a 130-inch
brilliant interactive projected area, and our software and hardware allow
the teacher to be anywhere in the classroom. Boxlight has the right
solution to fit your needs.

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What Assessment Can Be
You know that measuring student understanding in real time enables enhanced
student outcomes. Boxlight gives you options – whether you want to use a
clicker-based system, like MimioVote™ assessment, or your Apple, Android,
or Web-based devices, or both at the same time. Use the MimioMobile™ app
for assessment via numeric, short-answer, and short-essay questions. Open-
ended response questions will help students practice and build essential skills.

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What Collaboration Can Be
Students learn more effectively through collaboration in a student-centered,
interactive environment. With the MimioPad™ wireless pen tablet and
MimioMobile app for almost any mobile device, students can share their
group work in real time. Mimio tools help teach the collaboration skills so
important for success in today’s classroom.

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What STEM Can Be
The key to students’ success is not only to learn science, technology, engineering,
and math, but also to understand how those disciplines apply to the world
around them. The Boxlight Labdisc™ STEM lab opens the door for inquiry-
based learning in a variety of science fields, including biology, chemistry,
physics, environmental science, and geography. With our portable science
lab, you can take the science classroom anywhere.

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Jordan Weymer
Principal Donald McKay School

The teachers all really appreciated the quick installation and ease of use of the Mimio products and their software, because it made integration more successful and allowed smooth transitions in their teaching. Almost instantly, they felt confident of their abilities with the MimioClassroom technologies and were able to use the products to their full potential.

Case Study:MimioBoxlight in Boston Public Schools