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Boxlight offers a range of products that facilitate whole-class instruction—a key aspect of the modern classroom. It’s a terrific tool for introducing new concepts to the entire class or for reviewing material that most of the students found difficult. Many students grasp new ideas more quickly through whole-group learning, especially if the material is interactive and engaging. It’s a great first step in the learning process before collaboration or team learning begins.

Browse the many engaging, effective products and resources we have to help you select, implement, and provide whole-group instruction—no matter your budget or needs.

Video Library

Watch videos of our whole-group solutions to learn which one will best meet the needs of your students, teachers, and schools.


MimioStudio Classroom Software Video


NEW MimioFrame Touch Board Kit Video


NEW MimioSpace Collaborative System Video


ProColor Interactive Display Video


MimioTeach Interactive Whiteboard Video


MimioStudio: Leveraging Existing Content


MimioStudio: Lesson Creation


MimioStudio: Importance of Integration

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Our online training for teachers allows educators to effectively implement our whole-class products into the classroom. Resources include live online Quick Learn sessions, no-cost video tutorials, Quick Learn recordings, user guides, and reference cards.

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To help you with your whole-class curriculum, we have free lessons and activities created by our community members. Search our extensive library of lessons, activities, and graphics, or share your own favorites with others. Become involved in discussions on our forums, or start your own group for sharing files and ideas. Get answers to your questions from EdTech experts, or take live online or on-demand courses that suit your schedule.

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Educating today’s students to prepare them for tomorrow can be a challenging task. Education is more than just learning facts—it’s also building essential skills. It’s about teaching students to approach learning creatively and with critical thinking. To be innovative in their approaches and thought process. It’s about learning and working together, and being able to communicate their ideas.

Whether it’s whole-class learning, small-group collaboration, formative assessment, or STEM-based learning, Boxlight offers the services, software, and hardware that enable teachers to easily and effectively enhance student outcomes and build essential skills such as critical thinking, collaboration, communication, and creativity.

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