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Robo 3D Printer

An All-in-One Curriculum Solution for MimioSTEM Products is the online platform for all your MimioSTEM curriculum. From ready-to-print 3D models, STEAM design challenges, and virtual STEM kits, to lesson plans for the MyBot robots and Labdisc portable sensors, MyStemKits has everything you need to get started using your MimioSTEM products right away.

Students will experience real-world, hands-on learning that promotes deep conceptual understanding so you have everything you need to prepare the next generation of engineers, mathematicians, and scientists for the challenges they’ll face.

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Why MyStemKits?

A tool is only as good as its uses. We’ve found schools buy STEM education tools, but without proper curriculum and support they end up being under-utilized. Therefore, MyStemKits has assembled all the resources you need to use your MimioSTEM products successfully and effectively in your classrooms. With over 350 standards-driven lesson plans using 3D printing, robotics, sensors, and virtual simulations to teach STEM in the classroom, we provide everything you need to prepare students for the 21st century.

Lesson plans

Lesson Plans
350+ Lesson Plans and engineering Design Challenges spanning STEM-related topics with a Math and Science focus.


Standards Driven
Standards-driven curriculum developed by a leading research university aligned to NGSS, Common Core, and State Standards in every lesson.


Compatible with over 75+ different 3D printers and various sensor brands, use this content with your existing STEM tools. Plus, with our STEAM Design Challenges and Virtual STEM Kits, we have solutions for in-person, blended, and remote learning.


Easily Browse Content
Teachers can browse content by product, subject, and/or grade level, pick the kits or lessons they want to teach, and get started.

MyStemKits Curriculum Bundles

High-quality content was developed and studied by The Florida Center for Research in Science. Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (FCR-STEM), which is part of one of the nation’s oldest and most productive university-based education research organizations. MyStemKits’ turnkey curriculum bundles include (where applicable):

  • Teacher Guide
  • Student Handouts and Assessments
  • Answer Keys
  • Programming and Design Procedures (PDF & Video)
  • Ready-to-Print 3D Models
  • Assembly Guides

3D Printing
Whether you’re utilizing our hundreds of ready-to-print 3D models or tackling our STEAM Design Challenges, use our 3D printing curriculum resources to create engaging, hands-on learning experiences for your students.


Investigate space exploration, AI, and automation through our robotics activities. Students will learn programming in block-based and Python coding challenges through real-world scenarios based around grade-appropriate math and science concepts.


Use the Labdisc portable STEM labs to create a laboratory wherever you are and investigate all sorts of natural phenomena from weather and climate to sound and light. Use standalone or in conjunction with 3D-printed adapters to create a flexible science solution as you tackle real-world challenges.


Virtual STEM Kits
Whether you’re teaching in-person, blended, or online, use our collection of open-ended virtual simulations to create engaging learning experiences. These simulations pair with 3D-printed manipulatives so you can do the same lesson plans no matter where your students are! Simply send your students the links and they can sample invasive species, compare cities, launch rockets, and measure fossils on their personal devices.

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Whether it’s whole-class learning, small-group collaboration, formative assessment, or STEM-based learning, Boxlight offers the services, software, and hardware that enable teachers to easily and effectively enhance student outcomes and build essential skills: critical thinking, collaboration, communication, and creativity.

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