Chromebook Class Collection
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Chromebook Class Collection

Chromebook Class Collection

Together Boxlight and Samsung are creating cutting-edge solutions designed to support various teaching methods in and out of the classroom. Deliver an active, engaging student experience with the ultimate combination of best-in-class technology Samsung Chromebook 4 11.6”, 32GB, 4GB RAM, Boxlight MimioView™ Document Camera, award-winning professional development, and MimioConnect® Blended Learning Platform.

At Boxlight, we understand that the key to success is more than just budget-friendly technology that works. We provide teachers with the tools, resources, and knowledge that support student growth and learning. This is why we have teamed up with Samsung to provide this Chromebook Class Collection.

Chromebook Class Collection includes…

30 Samsung Chromebooks
30 Samsung Chromebooks
that are fully cloud-enabled secure devices that are easy to manage and maintain.
3-year license of MimioConnect
A 3-year license of MimioConnect Blended Learning Platform designed to create active learning from anywhere and 60-minute online PD course.
MimioView Document Camera
MimioView Document Camera creates dynamic lessons with 4K ultra-high definition pictures and live video that captures students’ attention.
Online, self-paced
Online, self-paced professional development courses for Google Workspace and Chromebooks for beginner and advanced users.

Included with Purchase of Chromebooks…

Platform Essentials for Chromebooks and Google Workspace

Platform Essentials for Chromebooks and Google Workspace: Online, self-paced course for teachers and students who have just started using Chromebooks and/or Google Workspace.

Advanced Platform Essentials for Chromebooks & Google Workspace

Advanced Platform Essentials for Chromebooks & Google Workspace: Online, self-paced course for teachers who have experience using Chromebooks and/or Google Workspace in their classrooms, but want to learn more.

Prep Course for Level 1 Google Certification

Prep Course for Level 1 Google Certification: Online, self-paced course designed for all skill levels and prepares participants to successfully pass the Google Level 1 Course with confidence.

Additional Live, Virtual Training Available for Purchase…

All sessions are instructor-led and support up to 25 teachers. Choose an area of focus that suits your needs.

Google Workspace & Chromebooks

Choose 5 of our 15 available sessions
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Getting Started Series: Five, Live 60-min. Virtual Workshops
Advanced Series: Three, Live 60-min. Virtual Workshops
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Samsung Chromebook 4 Samsung Chromebook 4: A budget-friendly solution that can meet your school’s unique needs. Fully cloud-enabled, secure devices that are easy to manage and maintain. Its compact design, military-grade durability, ultra-fast connectivity, and long-lasting battery is a win-win for teaching and learning. Learn more at
MimioConnect | Blended Learning Platform MimioConnect | Blended Learning Platform: MimioConnect is technology that transforms learning by helping educators effectively drive participation and collaboration in all settings. Teachers can deliver interactive content that students can access inside and outside of the classroom.
MimioView Document Camera MimioView Document Camera: Lessons and learning come to life with high definition 4K pictures and live video. Detailed images of science specimens, manipulatives, or book text are all easily seen by the entire class on the front-of-the-room display.
Support You Can Count On Support You Can Count On: We know how important it is to feel confident with the tools you use every day, so we make sure you can count on our products and service. We offer a competitive 1-year, limited warranty for Samsung Chromebooks and provide US-based, 24/7/365 customer support through email, chat or call. We will be there to support you.

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