Boxlight Online Professional Development for Teachers

Quick Learn Recordings

Boxlight Quick Learn sessions provide online professional development for teachers, giving them the skills to successfully integrate technology into their curriculum. All sessions are taught by technology experts and educators and the recordings are compatible with mobile devices—making them even easier to access.

On-Demand Quick Learn video recordings* provide sessions that let you learn on your own, at a time that suits you. These sessions are available on any device with Internet access.

  • Choose from the training topics described below.
  • Set your own pace.
  • All sessions include demonstrations and easy-to-follow instructions.
  • At the conclusion of each recording, a Certificate of Completion is available to participants who successfully complete a short assessment. These certificates can be turned in to your state or district for CEUs.

*On-Demand Quick Learn is currently offered in English and Spanish only.

Mimio Interactive Systems

Discover how to begin using Mimio interactive systems in your classroom. Covers the Mimio Interactive Xi and MimioTeach systems.

Session Highlights:

  • Review Mimio interactive systems’ hardware
  • Connect and power up your Mimio interactive system
  • Use your Mimio interactive system

Mimio Goes Mobile

Learn how to use the MimioMobile™ application to incorporate mobile devices for student collaboration and assessment in your classroom.

Session Highlights:

  • Setting up the MimioMobile application
  • Control and Collaboration with the MimioMobile application
  • Using MimioVote™ assessment with the MimioMobile application


Discover how to begin using the MimioCapture™ ink recorder with your Mimio Interactive Xi™ or MimioTeach™ interactive whiteboard. Note: Online assessment and Certificate of Completion are not available for this session.

Session Highlights:

  • Review MimioCapture system hardware
  • Connect your MimioCapture system
  • Use your MimioCapture system


Learn how to use the MimioPad™ wireless pen tablet in your classroom. Note: Online assessment and Certificate of Completion are not available for this session.

Session Highlights:

  • Review MimioPad hardware
  • Connect the MimioPad wireless pen tablet
  • Use MimioStudio™ Control and Collaborate features

A Tour of MimioStudio

Explore and practice the basics of getting started with MimioStudio classroom software. Includes using the MimioStudio toolbar and menu.

Session Highlights:

  • Access MimioStudio Notebook
  • Learn about the MimioStudio Tools toolbar
  • Practice using various MimioStudio Tools

Using the MimioStudio Gallery

Explore the MimioStudio Gallery and learn how to use the various features to add content to your lessons.

Session Highlights:

  • Learn the differences between types of files used in the Gallery
  • Navigate, search, and modify Gallery files
  • Import and export various types of Gallery content

MimioStudio: Adding Content

Prepare engaging, interactive lessons using the ActivityWizard, and learn how to add existing resources.

Session Highlights:

  • Create interactive ActivityWizard exercises
  • Add content using copy/paste, screen clipping, and importing
  • Incorporate existing files you already use into MimioStudio software

MimioStudio: Formatting I

Employ various lesson formatting techniques to build engaging activities for students on a daily basis.

Session Highlights:

  • Fixed Aspect Ratio and Object Grouping
  • Object Ordering and Locking
  • Object Transparency and Alignment

MimioStudio: Formatting II

Recognize additional lesson formatting techniques that facilitate interactivity within your lessons.

Session Highlights:

  • Object Cloning and Hyperlinking
  • Object Action Settings
  • Backgrounds and Templates

MimioStudio: Presenting Lessons

Explore MimioStudio Tools that simplify lesson presentation and enrich the learning experience.

Session Highlights:

  • Reveal and Spotlight Tools
  • Calculator and Magnifier Tools
  • File Attachment and Screen Annotation

MimioStudio: Extending Lessons

Explore additional MimioStudio Tools and practice various applications of these and other MimioStudio Tools.

Session Highlights:

  • Page Transitions
  • Recognize Text and Text Tools
  • Mimio Recorder

MimioView: Setup and Support

Discover the skills needed to operate and integrate the MimioView™ document camera effectively in your classroom.

Session Highlights:

  • Review MimioView document camera hardware
  • Connect and power up the MimioView camera
  • Explore device buttons and software menu buttons

MimioStudio Gradebook

Manage the many features available within the MimioStudio Gradebook to enhance the MimioVote assessment system.

Session Highlights:

  • Gradebook setup—adding classes and students
  • Navigate the Gradebook and edit information
  • Generate reports and import/export data

MimioVote — Setup

Discover the skills needed to operate and integrate the MimioVote assessment effectively in your classroom.

Session Highlights:

  • Review MimioVote hardware
  • Connect the MimioHub™ wireless receiver and power up the MimioVote station
  • Explore the MimioVote Toolbar, how to take attendance, and QuickVote

MimioVote — Creating Assessments

Design effective assessments using the MimioVote device and analyze generated student data.

Session Highlights:

  • Use MimioVote templates from the MimioStudio Gallery
  • Create questions and activities for use in your classroom
  • Generate various data reports for classes and students

MimioConnect Resources

Explore the many resources available in the MimioConnect® online teaching community. Learn how to effectively navigate and participate in the website.

Session Highlights:

  • Grand tour of
  • Search for and download resources for your interactive class
  • Share your content with the MimioConnect community