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Mimio Introduces MimioDisplay Touch Display and Upgrades MimioStudio Software and MimioMobile App to Expand Options for Collaborative Learning

CAMBRIDGE, MA — June 26, 2014 — In order to expand teachers’ ability to create leading-edge collaborative learning environments, Mimio is announcing one new product and two updates to its MimioClassroom™ family of interactive teaching technologies. The new offerings, scheduled to be unveiled at the ISTE 2014 conference, include the MimioDisplay™ LED touch display, the MimioStudio™ 12 classroom software, and the MimioMobile™ 3 mobile application. Beginning this fall, educators will be able to download the new versions from app stores and Mimio’s website, and current customers will have the opportunity to upgrade to these versions for free. The MimioDisplay touch display will be available for purchase immediately, and will begin shipping in early July.

“At Mimio, our number one objective is to push the envelope in anticipating what tools educators need to actively engage their students in learning and drive academic achievement to its highest level,” said Mimio President Manny Perez. “With our latest innovations, we are redesigning the classroom of tomorrow.”


This high-definition visual display eliminates the need for a separate interactive whiteboard, projector, and speakers. It further supports Mimio’s mission to increase student engagement and facilitate collaborative learning experiences, by giving multiple students the ability to work together interactively on the large LCD touchscreen.

The MimioDisplay touch display is available in 55”, 65”, 70”, and 84” models to accommodate each classroom’s needs and budget. The low-glare and low-friction glass surface makes the display easy to see from any angle, and provides a smooth touch experience. Styli and fingers can both be used on the surface, for quick and easy interactivity.

“The MimioDisplay takes classroom lessons to the next level,” said Jason Schmidt, an instructional technologist at Bennington School District 59 in Bennington, Neb. “The size and brightness of the touchscreen display let everyone see it from anywhere in the classroom – even with the lights on.”

Mimio has made the visual display a full-featured teaching solution with the inclusion of a MimioStudio classroom software license, so that educators can easily create and deliver lessons and activities on the display. Additionally, the MimioStudio software seamlessly integrates all MimioClassroom solutions, as well as the newly introduced MimioDisplay touch display and updated MimioMobile application for collaboration and assessment.

The MimioDisplay touch display also comes with a power cord, VGA cable, USB cable, HDMI cable, stereo audio cable, remote, and two pens.

New Versions of MimioStudio and MimioMobile

The latest version of MimioStudio software includes an integrated Web browser that permits teachers to add a Web page directly to lessons and annotate on it. This new capacity allows teachers to easily take advantage of resources on the Internet and create more ‘in-the-moment,’ dynamic, and seamlessly integrated lessons.

The MimioStudio Collaborate feature now enables an unlimited number of mobile devices to connect in a classroom. As a result, the entire class can link a range of devices, such as Apple and Android tablets and smartphones equipped with the MimioMobile app, as well as the MimioPad™ wireless pen tablets. This facilitates classroom-wide mobile learning. With a single MimioMobile annual license for a teacher’s classroom computer, every student with a device can interact with the classroom lessons.

Multiple student devices can work simultaneously on a MimioStudio activity, with individual collaboration “spaces” displayed at the front of the classroom. Material shown on the interactive whiteboard is replicated on the students’ mobile devices, so they can work in concert in small groups, or individually on their own devices.

These new versions of the MimioStudio software and the MimioMobile app now give educators an opportunity to experience the potential of mobile learning: users can connect up to three mobile devices via the MimioMobile app at no charge. The three mobile connections will be available as long as educators have an active MimioStudio hardware or software license.

“Mimio’s robust software and mobile app delivers a truly seamless, interactive experience to teachers and students,” said Rick Bigelow, Mimio CEO and Senior Vice President, Skyview Capital. “Now, every classroom with this innovative solution has the ability to connect all Apple and Android mobile devices using any interactive hardware platform – Mimio-branded or other manufacturers’. We are excited to get this into the hands of school districts around the world.”

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