NOTE: Surface size dimensions and device orientation are only relevant for ink capture/recording. They are not relevant for interactive use with a projector.

  1. Open Mimio Notebook.
  2. For Windows, select Tools–> Settings–> Ink Capture from the pull down menus. For Mac, select Notebook from the Apple Header > Preferences > Ink Capture.
  3. The settings on the right-hand side have an option for Surface Size.
  4. You can select a predetermined surface size, add values for a custom size, or select to auto size.
  5. It is also important to verify the Device Mounting (Xi only) matches how the Mimio device is physically positioned on the whiteboard.
  6. Select the proper orientation from the pull-down menu so that it matches where the device is positioned on the whiteboard.

NOTE: Auto size can be used if exact measurements of board are not known. Vertical placement allows for 4 ft tall by 8 ft wide. Horizontal placement allows for 8 ft tall by 4 ft wide. If available, always verify another Mimio device works in place of original device.

Since MimioCapture Ink is intended to be placed perpendicular to the MimioTeach, the proper orientation for the Teach is to be positioned vertically on the far left side of the writing surface.

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