Student and teacher using the Boxlight Ultra-short throw projector

The Boxlight Performance Projectors: N12 Ultra-Short Throw product image

Performance Projectors: N12 Ultra-Short Throw

Create images as large as 140 inches! Available in laser models so you will never have to change another bulb—ever.

Large-scale images with the worry-free reliability of lasers.

Student and teacher using a Boxlight N12 Ultra-Short Throw Projector

Need a projector, or one to replace your failing projector? Get a new N12 ultra-short throw projector that will create large, consistent, clear images with model options for laser reliability, which means no bulbs to change—ever. Boxlight N12 laser projectors create images ranging from 85–140 inches, so you can experience large-scale, brilliant 1080p HD or WXGA images on a budget that would be impossible with a flat panel display of comparable size.

  • Boxlight N12 laser projectors create images ranging from 102–140 inches.
  • Laser projection offers consistent color and brightness; lamp projection can lose as much as 50% of its brightness within 18 months.
  • Laser projection models mean no bulbs to change—ever.
  • Analog and digital audio/video connections ensure compatibility with virtually any PC.
  • Ethernet LAN connectivity enables central management and control.
  • 1080P model provides twice the pixels of a conventional laser projector.

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Interactive Projector Area Infographic

Want a flat panel display?
A projector may be your best solution.

We break down the image size and cost so you can get a clear picture of how much you get for your budget. The size of the projected area should align with how you will use the display solution.

Check out our infographic so you can select what will work best for your classrooms, teachers, and students.

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Laser or Bulb?

Projectors have been a staple of the classroom for quite some time—along with their challenges, such as bulb replacements, diminishing brightness, and lost time. All of these things add up to additional costs, but even more important is the loss of a teacher’s time and, in turn, student learning! With the advances in laser projection, many of these cyclic issues have now been solved. While the initial cost may seem higher, in the end you will be saving time, budget, and even the environment.

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Choose Bulb Projection Worry-Free with Lamps for Life

The replacement cost of burned-out bulbs can blow a budget fast. With Lamps for Life, one low price equals a lifetime of lamps, so you’ll always have a bright bulb! A one-time fee registers your Boxlight projector into the program for as long as you own it.

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Our Ultra-Short Throw Projectors

We have a range of projectors to fill your needs and budget.

N12 LNWH Projector

N12 LNWH Projector
Laser clarity and reliability with images as large as 115 inches.

N12LU Ultra-Wide Laser Projector Laser reliability with images as large as 140 inches.

N12LU Ultra-Wide Laser Projector
Laser reliability with images as large as 140 inches.

N12 BNW Bulb Projector 4,000 lumens bulb projection.

N12 BNW Bulb Projector
4,000 lumens bulb projection.

Our Resources

We have a wide selection of guides and tip sheets to help you get up and running with your projector in no time. Need insight into finding additional software and technology for your classrooms? Take a look at our comprehensive Guide to Educational Technology in the Classroom to help you select the right technology for your teachers and students.

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