A flashing amber means the Mimio device is looking to connect to any USB hub—it recognizes that there is a hub available to communicate to. If using Windows, open MimioStudio and go to Tools > Settings > Classroom Devices. If using Mac, go to the Apple header and select Notebook > Preferences > Classroom Devices to make sure that MimioTeach or Vote is connected. If it is not connected (might show available), then highlight the MimioTeach and click Connect. If you are successful re-pairing the Mimio wireless components, the power/status LED on the Mimio devices should turn to solid green. This initiates the pairing process. A flashing green means that the USB hub is plugged in and recognizes the MimioTeach or Vote because it was connected to it before but mimiosys.exe has been terminated, and once MimioStudio is open you will get a solid green. If you continue to have issues, please reach out to Technical Support for additional troubleshooting.

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