The MimioView camera lets you capture and instantly share live video and images of dimensional objects and flat documents. It’s a hassle-free way to teach with a camera. Fully integrated with MimioStudio software, the camera uses the menus and toolbar to access useful editing and storage features such as copy, cut, freeze, highlight, rotate, save, and video markup. Your images are easily incorporated into any lesson or used with other MimioClassroom tools such as the MimioVote system. The MimioView camera’s design features simple buttons to quickly refine and orient images without using the software menus. The auto focus button ensures high-quality focus in true-to-life color. The rotate button changes the image orientation in 90° increments, up to a full circle. The freeze button toggles between still shots and live video, while auto tune refocuses the lens and color balance. The view button turns on the camera and lamps.

The MimioView camera has a footprint that’s just 5 in. x 5.5 in., high-resolution optics, two adjustable LED lamps, a flexible gooseneck arm for positioning the camera head, and a handy straight edge at the camera’s base to align documents. Powered by a USB cable, the MimioView camera does not require any extra power adapters.

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