The MimioCapture system is all about speed and convenience. It’s the perfect accessory to the MimioTeach system if you use colored markers in the classroom. Its four ergonomic pens are designed to hold Expo® dry-erase markers and fit comfortably in any size hand. The pens and eraser recharge quickly in a lightweight storage tray that adheres to any magnetic whiteboard. The instant you touch a pen to the whiteboard, MimioTeach tracks whatever you write, draw, or erase in red, blue, green, or black. You can use the MimioTeach stylus in conjunction with dry erase markers because the system switches dynamically back and forth between them.

Saving your whiteboard notes helps you build a library of valuable content, and everything is easily integrated with existing lesson plans from the Mimio Gallery. That’s a time-saver for you because it eliminates the need to rewrite the same notes over and over for each class. And by saving your daily work, you can distribute the files to students later. It’s a great way to help absent students catch up.

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