If a MimioVote handset shows EE with other characters (click here for an example), this means the handset’s ID has been assigned to a different handset. This is normal. To correct the display, place the handset in the MimioVote tray and the correct ID will be assigned to the handset.

If a MimioVote handset shows EE with no other symbols (click here for an example), it means:

  • The handset was removed during a firmware update. Replace the handset to the MimioVote tray and the message will be cleared.
  • The handset is incapable of successfully installing a firmware update. When this failure occurs, the handset will attempt to download firmware every time it is placed in the station. However, it will always display EE when removed from the station—even when the firmware download has been allowed to complete. This will indicate that the handset will need to be replaced and you should reach out to Technical Support for warranty verification. Click here to contact Technical Support for a replacement handset.
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