Running an environmental test for the Mimio Xi

From Mimio Studio 9.0 on Windows, select Tools > Settings. From Mimio Studio 9.0 on Mac, select Notebook from the header > Preferences. Click on the Ink Capture icon on left and select Settings. The Environmental Analysis tests for infrared and ultrasound interference in the room. Select Test. If either test fails, there may be interference.

  • The most common failure is ultrasound, typically caused by occupancy sensors used to control lighting in a room. If you know where the motion sensor is located (usually on the ceiling towards center of the room), try covering it and testing further to see if interference is eliminated. If covering the sensor results in the Mimio device working, the long term solution is to remove or replace the occupancy sensor with a sensor that does not utilize ultrasonic technology.
  • Infrared failures are uncommon and typically caused by a plasma display in use nearby. Powering off the plasma display will permit the Mimio device to work correctly. It can also be caused by light fixtures located directly above the Mimio device and whiteboard. Try turning off the closest lights and re-test to see if interference disappears. The least likely infrared interference is direct sunlight on the Mimio device (at sunrise or sunset).

Long-term solution

  • Change motion detectors. Wattstopper, Leviton, Novitas, and Hubbell Automation brand dual-technology sensors used in classrooms will interfere with Mimio devices because the ultrasound is transmitted at a frequency very close the ultrasound transmitted by the Mimio stylus pens (40 kHz). SensorSwitch brand occupancy sensors utilize dual-technology that will not interfere with Mimio.

Power off plasma screens or change orientation of Mimio device to get out of direct light.

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