Mimio Xi can be attached to the whiteboard in two ways:

Temporary suction cup attachment:

When using Mimio Xi on a board in a location where it will not remain for more than a day, the Xi capture bar can be attached using the suction cups. When attaching Xi using suction cups, make sure the board and suction cups are clean (wipe with tissue and clean the suction cups only with water or alcohol—NEVER use solvent cleaners on the suction cups). When cleaning the upper left hand corner of the board, also make sure there are no scratches or surface irregularities that would prevent a secure attachment.

NOTE: After attaching Xi with suction cups, make sure that both the top and bottom sets of cups have fastened properly by applying some lateral force left, right, up, and down parallel to the board surface. If the suction cups loosen when doing this, re-clean and re-attach.

Long-term attachment using mounting brackets:

If your Xi will be used frequently on a particular board or if you wish to use Xi on any board for an extended period of time (days or more), it is highly recommended to use the mounting brackets, of which one pair is supplied with your Xi. The mounting brackets can be attached by clipping them onto the Xi bar and then removing the protective slip over the 3M “Command” adhesive strips. Press the bar with the clips onto the upper left corner of the whiteboard in vertical orientation for landscape-oriented boards or horizontally for portrait-oriented boards. The clips will remain in place, but the bar can be easily clipped in and out of the brackets and will remain precisely positioned as long as desired. This fixed positioning can be particularly useful when your Xi is used with the MimioMouse interactive whiteboard feature and a fixed position projector since it permits calibration to be retained and eliminates the need for recalibration each time Mimio Xi is used.

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