1. Power off the MimioProjector.
  2. Disconnect the power cable.
  3. Hold the Menu button while inserting the power cable
  4. Release the Menu button while the blue LED light is still flashing—this will start the Automatic Fan Calibration mode. After a few seconds, the Automatic Fan Calibration completes. The projector automatically powers on, displaying the Fan Information screen. (If all three LEDs have a solid light, the projector will not power on because it has entered the Firmware Download mode. This is from holding the Menu button too long. Unplug the power cable and retry from Step 3.)
  5. Press the Menu button to exit the Fan Information screen and Return to Service Menu.
  6. Scroll down to Factory Reset by pressing the down arrow button once and press the Menu button to select “Factory Reset.”
  7. Once in the Reset Menu, cycle up to YES using the up arrow.
  8. Execute the reset by using the right arrow.
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