1. Check the batteries. Push down on the tip of the pen and you should hear a buzzing sound.  If there is no sound, then replace the batteries.
  2. Make sure EXPO brand dry-erase markers are being used. The mimio stylus pens are designed for EXPO markers. The EXPO marker should have some wiggle room in the tube. If the dry-erase marker is too tight, there may be internal wires in the stylus pen tube interfering with the marker.
  3. Disassemble the stylus pen and remove the EXPO dry-erase marker or gray Mimio Mouse insert piece. Look down the barrel to see if any of the three wires are protruding. If a wire is sticking out, then use a regular ball point pen or the back end of a pencil to smooth out the wires. Re-insert the dry-erase marker or Mimio mouse insert and try again (make sure an EXPO brand dry-erase marker is being used).
  4. If no wires are protruding, the batteries are new, and the pen buzzes—but is still not detected by the Mimio—then check for a failed ultrasound sensor and/or run an environmental test.
  • Click here for information on checking for a failed ultra sound sensor.
  • Click here for information on running an environmental test.
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