There is no way to directly change the orientation of a PDF from inside MimioStudio Notebook—you will need to change the orientation of the PDF prior to inserting it. If you have imported the PDF into Studio Notebook already and no longer have access to the original PDF file, try the following:

  1. Save the imported PDF page in Mimio Notebook as a JPG (image) file. Save with the original orientation, size, and resolution.
  2. Drag the saved JPG file into a Gallery directory as an image.
  3. Drag the image file from the Gallery onto a Notebook page. Select the image and use the rotate handle to rotate the image to desired orientation.
  4. Right-click on the image and drag it to the Gallery directory and select Insert as Template.
  5. Right-click on the image in the Templates Gallery directory and select Properties. Use the pull-down menu to select Stretch.
  6. Drag the correctly oriented image onto any Notebook page as a template.
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