1. Make sure all sensors on the Mimio device have a clear line of sight to the writing surface and pens.
    1. The infrared sensor (IR) is the black semicircle protruding from the side of the bar.
    2. Two ultrasound sensors (US) are on the side of the Mimio device at the top and bottom of the bar. They appear as small silver circles.
    3. Make sure nothing is blocking these three sensors.
  2. Make sure the Mimio device is facing the proper direction. The Mimio bar should have the infrared and ultrasound sensors facing towards the writing surface.
  3. Enter the calibration screen.
    1. Three options:
      • Touch the interactive stylus pen to the writing surface and it will bring up the calibration screen (first time only).
      • Push the bottom of the five buttons (for Xi) and top botton (for Teach) on the Mimio device until the calibration screen appears.
      • Open Mimio Notebook and select Tools > Settings > Interactive > Calibrate for Windows, or select Notebook > Preferences > Interactive > Calibrate for Mac.
    2. Using the Mimio Interactive mouse, press on the center of each of the nine calibrations points that appear on the projected image on the writing surface.
    3. Once completed, your Mimio device is now ready to use in Interactive Mode.

NOTE: You can save your calibration by opening Mimio Notebook and selecting Tools > Settings > Interactive from the pull down menus and check the Use previous calibration option.

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