The ActivityWizard is powered by the Mimio Knowledge Engine. This engine stores all content that feeds directly into the ActivityWizard activities, including the file names and relevant, research-based facts.

To ensure accuracy and quality of the knowledge we store, each fact is researched by members of the Mimio research and development team using multiple sources to cross-reference and validate the fact. We do not use Wikipedia as a source.

Once the fact is built into the Knowledge Engine, further testing and validation is performed by our Quality Assurance Team.

Should you find discrepancies in our research, please send us the content item, activity information (subject, category, and topic), fact in question, and the reference or source where you have found conflicting information (see example below).

We will review and address each inquiry with our research team and post updates if necessary.

We recommend using the “Refine” step in the ActivityWizard to customize your choice pool items so that any content or items you may find confusing can be exchanged with another item from the Knowledge Engine.

Example inquiry

Content or item: Image of saxophone

Subject: Arts

Category: Instrument types

Topic: Woodwinds and Brass

Question: Is a saxophone a brass or woodwind instrument?


Category: MimioStudio Software
Tags: Activity Wizard, MimioStudio, software