Teacher Training with Boxlight

Training Overview

If your school has budget or time constraints, consider utilizing our online training for teachers to learn how to effectively implement our products into the classroom. Resources include no-cost video tutorials, Quick Learn recordings, user guides, and reference cards. Want an expert trainer with a variety of sessions and time options? Check out our live online Quick Learn sessions to access expert knowledge—available to you from your computer or tablet.

Professional Development for Teachers

We want to provide the best tools to help teachers improve student outcomes. Through our newest subsidiary, EOS Education, we can now extend our commitment to schools and districts by providing a rich portfolio of classroom training, professional development, and educator certification services.

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Quick Learn Sign-Up

The MimioTraining™ Quick Learn series is the cornerstone of our professional development and teacher training offerings. With sessions taught by expert teachers, Quick Learn reaches thousands of teachers each year, providing them with the skills to successfully integrate our products into their curriculum.

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Quick Learn Recordings

Just like our live Quick Learn sessions, but available 24/7/365. All of the same great information—when it suits your schedule. Complete a short assessment at the end of each session to receive your Certificate of Completion.

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Video Tutorials

Each short video provides detailed information on a specific topic. From object cloning to adding content to your lessons, these tutorials will get a teacher up and running easily and quickly. If you have five minutes and need a refresher or want to learn something new, take a look!

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Webinar Recordings

We offer our webinar recordings so you can stay informed and inspired on everything from mobile learning to educational funding.

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Transforming Learning in the Classroom

Join our on-demand webinars hosted by experts and leaders in the field of education
and technology. All of our presenters are involved with schools every day and making an impact, and they will be
sharing their insights into creating successful learning environments. Real insights from real leaders.

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