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We believe in supporting our communities by providing information and training to
help assist parents, teachers, and administrators during COVID-19 school closures.

Online Professional Development Courses

As more schools switch to distance learning, we want to provide you with the support and resources you need to lead your digital classroom to success. Learn how to use Google Classroom or Microsoft Teams to organize digital files, deliver engaging digital lessons, and provide feedback with impact. Through these courses, we hope to help you transition to the digital environment and create valuable learning experiences.

Distance learning with G-Suite Distance Learning with Office365

Distance Learning with G Suite for Education

In this course, you will discover how to use Google Classroom to design your digital classroom. Begin the course to learn more about how to manage content, stay connected, and provide meaningful feedback to your students.


Distance Learning with Office 365 Education

In this course, you will discover how to use Microsoft Teams to design your digital classroom. Begin the course to learn more about how to manage content, stay connected, and provide meaningful feedback to your students.


If your school or district is interested in a comprehensive program on successful transitioning into distance learning with G Suite or Microsoft for Educators, please contact our Distance Teaching Team.

On-Demand Webinar Series

Featuring our Distance Teaching Series

Watch one of our on-demand educator webinar’s, hosted by experts and leaders in the field of education and technology. All of our presenters are involved with educators and students every day making an impact, and they are sharing their insights into creating successful learning environments

Have a Question or Need More Information?

We have been helping educators make a quick transition from classroom to online learning over the past few weeks. Our team of experts has been asked many questions and we are here to help provide the answers. See below for some commonly asked questions. If you are looking for more resources on online learning, or would like to ask our team a question, click the button below to visit our resources page.


Marcus Lott
Digital Learning Specialist

Q) How can a student sign into his/her Google account without signing out of the personal account(s) that are already signed into Google?

A) The student can open a new incognito window in Chrome to sign into the school account and access G Suite applications like Drive & Classroom without requiring existing users to sign out of Google. Select “Ctrl+ Shift + N” on the keyboard of a Windows device to start a new incognito.

Christine Hall
Digital Learning Specialist

Q) How can a parent/guardian access their child’s Google Classroom?

A)When you invite parents, they cannot view the classroom. This is to protect student privacy. Instead, guardians will receive summaries of their student’s work, which contains information about missing work, upcoming work, and class activity. Learn more about guardian email summaries. Encourage open communication between your students and parents about announcements and class assignments to build a strong classroom community.

Taylor-Ann Charles
Digital Learning Specialist

Q) How do I record meetings in Teams?

A) Open the Video icon option from the conversation bar and select Meet Now. You can record with or without participants. Once you are ready to begin the meeting or lesson, select the 3 dots for more actions. From the menu click on “Start Recording.” At the end of the meeting go back to more actions and stop recording. Your video will be uploaded into the post and available to view or download.

Yanet Smith
Lead Digital Learning Specialist

Q) What areas in Class Notebook can my students edit?

A) Class Notebook has three areas to support students: Content Library, Collaboration Space, and Individual Notebooks. Collaboration Space and Student Notebooks are available for students to view and edit. The Collaboration Space permissions can be changed in “Manage Notebooks” to enable it as a view only section. Student Notebooks can only be viewed and edited by each individual student and the teacher(s).

Shavar Lester
Digital Learning Specialist

Q) How do I add another teacher or students to an existing Team?

A) Go to selected Team. Select the ellipses (three dots) next to Team name then select Manage Teams. Select Add Members and type in the email address or group name OR search for a user. It is recommended to add students as members and co-teachers as owners.

Jason Neuman
Digital Learning Specialist

Q) Can teachers use Google Meet with their students to deliver mini lessons?

A) Yes! Teachers are able to use Google Meet to deliver content in real time or record a lesson to post in Google Classroom. Please refer to the Google Meet videos for demonstration. Watch this video to learn more.

Flexibility in Federal Funding

The US Department of Education, issued a process for flexible spending of Federal Funding for Schools and Districts. The new flexibilities authorized under the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, & Economic Security (CARES) Act, allows schools to repurpose existing K-12 education funds for technology infrastructure and teacher training on distance learning.

President Donald J. Trump signed The CARES Act into law on March 27th. The CARES Act will enable states and school districts to devote more of their federal resources to technology infrastructure to support distance learning for students and for professional development for teachers who are teaching remotely, many for the first time. By providing a streamlined process to obtain funding flexibilities, states will be able to make decisions to meet the needs of their students quickly.