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We are excited to offer you an exclusive software and professional development bundle with your purchase of the ProColor Interactive Flat Panel Display. Click Here to find out what is included and how to activate.

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Need extra guidance? Check out our additional resources: Getting Started with ProColor Apps – User Guide | ProColor Firmware Upgrade | Brochure | ProColor 653 Spec Sheet | ProColor 753 Spec Sheet | ProColor 863 Spec Sheet | ProColor Safety, Handling, & Connections Guide | Calibrating Mac PC with Boxlight Interactive Flat Panel Display | RS-232 Control Codes | PC Spec SheetNetwork Device Management System Spec Sheet | Network Device Management System User Guide | Unplug’d Screen Sharing Spec SheetWarranty | USB Cabling Guide for Interactive Devices | Cable Troubleshooting Guide

Common FAQS

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Watch our ProColor Series 3 Videos to better understand the product and setup.

ProColor Series 3 Video
Getting Started
Using the Finder
Connecting External Devices
Using the Sidebar Tools
Sharing Content with Unplug’d
Using the PC Module
Using the Note Application
Teaching with Chrome
Getting Started with MimioStudio
Sample Lesson Demonstration
– Elementary level
Sample Lesson Demonstration
– Secondary level
Hybrid Teaching with the ProColor 3
Exploring the New ProColor Home Screen
Cloud Connection and Security
Downloading Software with MimioMarket
Pen Features
Operating the ProColor Mobile Stand
Using Microsoft 365 Apps with ProColor 3
Using Microsoft Teams with the ProColor 3

Watch our ProColor Series 3 Videos to better understand the product and setup. In addition to Getting Started, you can review all of our ProColor tutorial videos. If you want additional informative videos check out our YouTube channel.>>


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