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SoundLite sound system

Make sure every student can hear the teacher – from the front row to the last

Compact, powerful, high-fidelity classroom sound system


SoundLite™ or SoundLite 30W – the answer for classroom sound. Each system produces clear audio, yet is small and easy to install almost anywhere.

  • Combines a 2 x10 W dual-channel Class D amplifier system with two high-efficiency, full-range “echo tube” speakers, for superb clarity even at peak power.
  • Teachers never have to struggle to be heard – the microphone automatically lowers the volume of video sound or any other plugged-in audio source, allowing the teacher’s voice to be clearly heard.*
  • Can be split in half, installed on a wall, or installed directly on the projector’s ceiling mount/pole.

*Microphone system is only available for the SoundLite 30W.

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