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New Version of MimioStudio Lets Mimio Users Connect Three Mobile Devices via the MimioMobile App – Free!

Now Teachers and Students Can Experience the Ease of the MimioMobile App and the Engagement of Collaborative Learning

CAMBRIDGE, MA — May 13, 2014 — Mimio now offers educators a risk-free opportunity to experience the benefits that mobile devices can bring to instruction. The latest release of MimioStudio™ 11.2 software features the ability to connect three mobile devices using the MimioMobile™ app – free. Starting May 13, 2014 classrooms with a MimioStudio hardware or software license can connect up to three mobile devices via the MimioMobile app when they upgrade to the new software version.

MimioStudio software allows teachers to create and present interactive lessons on front-of-the-classroom displays (interactive whiteboards, projectors, and displays) from Mimio and other manufacturers. The MimioMobile app extends the functionality of MimioStudio software by allowing it to be used with Apple and Android tablets and phones for student collaboration, formative assessment, and desktop control.

“Mobile learning is increasingly garnering acclaim for its effectiveness in turning classrooms into student-centric, interactive, and collaborative learning environments,” said Manny Perez, president and chief operating officer, Mimio. “By offering customers a chance to try a fully functional version of our MimioMobile app on three devices in a classroom, we’re allowing them to experience the benefits of collaborative learning, which the app can provide.”

Users of MimioStudio software and the MimioMobile app can:

– Incorporate mobile phones and tablets easily.

– Collaborate on an activity, with everyone’s work displayed at the front of the classroom.

– Create more engaging and interactive lessons.

– Perform real-time formative assessment.

There is no time limit on the three mobile connections. As long as educators have an active MimioStudio hardware or software license, they will be able to connect up to three devices with the MimioMobile app in their classroom.

“Mimio is dedicated to providing educators with more ways to engage students using technology,” said Perez. “And it is always our mission to make that engagement as easy, affordable, and exciting as possible.”

For more information on how to access the Apple or Android versions of the free MimioMobile app, visit

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