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Guide from Mimio Helps Educators Select and Integrate Interactive Flat Panel Displays for the Best Learning Experiences

Free Guide Shares Objective Buying Advice and Engaging Lessons

CAMBRIDGE, MA — Oct. 28, 2014 — District and school administrators who are planning to purchase interactive flat panel displays for classrooms face a slew of questions: What size would work best? How many HDMI or VGA inputs should it have? Do we need high definition or ultra high definition? What does all that technical jargon even mean? This straightforward new guide from Mimio answers all those questions and more. Download it at

The 28-page PDF outlines key factors that buyers should consider in order to find the right display for their purposes, describes the benefits these tools can bring to the classroom, and provides lessons that can be delivered via the interactive flat panel display.

“This guide helps educators navigate a lot of the hurdles involved in choosing and implementing these new displays,” said Manny Perez, Mimio president. “Hopefully this decision making starts with the creation of a roadmap on what they want this acquisition to accomplish in terms of increased engagement and academic outcomes. A well-considered reason can provide a strong basis for decisions about what to choose and how to implement the technology for the greatest return on investment.”

The free guide contains four main sections:
• Choosing an Interactive Flat Panel Display for the Classroom
• 5 Buyer’s Quick Tips for Flat Panel Displays
• The Benefits of Interactive Flat Panel Displays for Education
• Collaborative Lessons

The first section provides in-depth information on the factors involved in selecting the right flat panel display for a particular classroom. The next section includes an at-a-glance infographic highlighting the top five things to consider when making a panel purchase. In addition, the guide examines the benefits that learners garner from use of the displays, and includes collaborative lessons that can be implemented using displays or conventional interactive whiteboards. The lessons are organized into these subject areas: science, math, language arts, social studies, and art.

“Mimio has always been dedicated to helping educators bring more collaborative learning to the classroom,” said Perez. “Interactive displays are the first major step in education for intuitive technologies that let students engage with lesson content through high-definition imagery, as well as with the learning process and each other via touch technology. Our goal with this guide is to help educators make the most of this state-of-the-art technology.”

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