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Boxlight Wins Tech & Learning UK 2017 BETT Best in Show Award

Lawrenceville, GA — February 2, 2017 — BOXLIGHT, the leading interactive classroom technology provider, announced today that its portable STEM lab, Labdisc has been named Best of Show by Tech & Learning UK. The announcement was made as the BETT 2017 show came to a close last week.

The products were judged on five criteria, ease of use/maintenance; richness/relevance of feature set; value for students/educators; versatility; and originality.

Heather McLean, editor at Tech&Learning UK, commented: “The competition between each of our entrants was incredibly high and both I and my co-judges were faced with a difficult task in selecting the winners. However, the winners each stood out from the crowd for their all-round excellence, and the value they will contribute to both educators and students over 2017 and going forward.”

Boxlight’s Labdisc is an all-in-one, complete lab that fits in the palm of your hand. It is the ONLY solution for K-12 science with up to 14 wireless sensors built into a single compact device – revolutionizing science in terms of convenience, cost and portability.

The Labdisc’s large number of high quality sensors and portability opens the door for inquiry-based learning vital in STEM education in variety of science fields, including: Biology, chemistry, physics, environmental science and geography.

“The Labdisc sensors are the gold standard when comparing features such as display, keypad, memory and an extensive battery life against less robust competitors — making stand-alone data collection possible,” said Mark Elliott, Boxlight CEO. “What this means for educators is they can focus on science concepts rather than equipment setup and calibration.”

One of the judges concurred, stating, “Truly innovative, robust, hand-sized science ‘lab’ with most tablet devices. Packed with up to 14 sensors measuring anything from sound and motion to air pressure and distance in four different versions covering either general science, physics, biochemistry or the environment and catering for all key stages.”

The Boxlight Labdisc also includes unique features like the GPS probe, which harnesses GPS to plot sensor values as a layer over a Google map and it offers a robust battery that supplies over 150 hours of battery life. This helps students connect and engage with science anywhere. It also serves as an ideal solution for long-term experiments such as plant growth, weather change, and pollution.

Elliott concluded, “We are honored to be awarded this prestigious distinction by Tech & Learning UK, cementing our position as the leading provider of proven classroom technology.”

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