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Boxlight Will Host “Boxlight STEM Day” on December 9, Supporting STEM Learning in Schools in U.S. and Latin America

Schools participating in collaborative learning event will receive portable Labdisc data loggers for STEM activities

Lawrenceville, GA — December 1, 2016 — One of the mandates behind the national push for STEM learning opportunities is to ensure that students’ socioeconomic status has no effect on their STEM fluency. Boxlight is contributing to this goal with its new initiative, Boxlight STEM Day (#BLSTEM), which will take place on December 9. A select number of low-income elementary and high schools in the United States and Latin America will work with the company in a hands-own, inquiry-based learning event designed to help students learn critical STEM skills and understand how STEM disciplines apply to the world around them.

“The Boxlight STEM Day is about raising awareness of inquiry-based learning and the benefits of STEM education among local schools and industries, particularly those that may not have had the resources to fully explore such opportunities,” said Mark Elliott, CEO of Boxlight. “Students need to develop the critical skills that will prepare them for life beyond the classroom, enabling them to be tomorrow’s engineers and innovators. Their socioeconomic status should not be allowed to limit their opportunities.”

Prior to the event, each of the participating schools will receive a free wireless Labdisc portable STEM lab The students will use these tools to perform simultaneous experiments and share their respective resulting data in an activity called “A Walk Through the City.” The purpose will be to study the relationship between temperature and humidity in several locations inside and outside their school, in both urban and green spaces. Using the built-in GPS sensor, the students will be able to plot the experiment data as a layer on Google Maps.

Using the Labdisc data logger, students will start taking measurements from their classroom door, moving toward a nearby green area and then an asphalted area. They will record their observations and the exact locations, download and analyze the data, extrapolate, question and present possible explanations for the observed phenomena, and make suggestions for improving their school facilities based on their conclusions.

Boxlight had its partners identify and reach out to underprivileged schools in their local areas for the event. The schools participating in Boxlight STEM Day are:

• Andy Tolson Elementary in Tucson, Ariz.
• East Coweta High School in Coweta County, Georgia
• Bernalillo Elementary School in New Mexico
• Technical High School 101 in Jalisco, Mexico
• Antigua International School in Sacatepéquez, Guatemala

“We made a decision to focus on a select number of schools so that the inter-school collaboration and sharing of data would provide both a thought-provoking, as well as meaningful, learning experience for all participants,” said Elliott. “But the collaborative learning between these schools and students won’t stop on December 9. They will continue to build upon their relationships and continue to participate in joint experiments throughout the remainder of the school year.”

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