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Boxlight Releases “Get Out the Vote” 2016 Lessons and Activities

Updated series contains more lessons and includes MimioMobile collaborative activities, as well as suggestions for non-tech-enabled activities.

Lawrenceville, GA — Sept. 28, 2016 — The ongoing presidential campaign is a golden opportunity for social studies teachers to bring real-world events to lessons about the election process. To support those efforts, Boxlight has updated the popular Mimio lesson series “Get Out the Vote!,” hosted on the MimioConnect® website, with new subject matter about the nominees, voting, polling, political parties, state representatives, and more.

The series provides seven sets of lessons for three grade levels: K-2, 3-6, and 7-12. The lessons provide plenty of tips for increasing collaboration among students, whether or not a classroom is equipped with educational technology.

“We’ve designed these lessons to give teachers maximum flexibility in terms of their students, classroom, and teaching style,” said Travis Rink, training manager, Boxlight. “Teachers can add content of their own, perform assessments to gauge learning, and incorporate any technology they have, if desired.”

The lessons in this series are as follows:
• Election Vocabulary lessons expose students to terms related to the election and their definitions. Those terms will reappear in many of the other lessons in the series.

• Meet the Candidates materials inform students about each of the nominees for president. In the lessons for grades 7-12, students will also learn about the vice presidential running mates.

• Polling activities show students how polling can affect the run for the presidency. Boxlight classrooms can use the MimioVote™ assessment system or the MimioMobile™ app with other devices to participate in a number of polls related to their lives or election topics.

• How Does the President Get Elected? These lessons explain the Electoral College. Students can be divided into different “states” to participate in a mock election, calculating electoral votes to decide on the winner. In the 7-12 grade lessons, students will also learn about swing states and their effect on the results of the election.

• Deciding Congress materials focus on the Senate and the House of Representatives. In the lessons for grades 7-12, students will also take a look at representatives and senators in their state, and the issues particular to their state.

• Who Can Vote? These lessons give students a closer look at who is eligible to vote and the history behind eligibility, and informs them about their responsibility to become a voter in the United States.

• Political Parties and Issues lessons present the characteristics of each political party and examine the national and global issues that are part of this election year.

For classrooms equipped with Boxlight technology, each lesson offers opportunities to use the MimioVote student response system, the MimioMobile app with mobile devices and other supported media, or traditional classroom tools. Teachers can also use the MimioStudio™ classroom software’s Collaborate feature to have students work individually or in small groups. The Boxlight interactive projectors or the Boxlight touch displays allow multiple students to work at the front of the room simultaneously.

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