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Boxlight and Mimio together: Can they go head-to-head with SMART and Promethean in the interactive display market?

Boston, MA — May 18, 2016 Beige Market Intelligence recently published a new report, titled Strategic Assessment of Worldwide Interactive Display in the Education Sector. This report provides some very interesting insights.

Interactive display in the education sector is dominated by a handful of companies who have been operating in this market for ages. These companies are:

1) SMART Technologies
2) Promethean World
3) NEC

These three companies together hold 3/4 of the market-share pie. SMART Technologies is the leading interactive display vendor in the education sector and, since its inception, has held the maximum market share. Many big names came to the market; many tried to break into the market; but SMART Technologies continued to be the leading vendor.

SMART Technologies innovated the first large-format interactive flat panel and fully integrated projector in 2013. Forty million students worldwide use whiteboards manufactured by the company. SMART products have penetration in 175 countries. In 2014, the company sold close to 300,000 interactive display units. The overall revenue generated from the sale of interactive devices was US$464.95 million in 2014. The company reported that 80 percent of its overall revenue was procured from the education sector.

The solutions provided by SMART have been installed across 2.8 million classrooms worldwide. Resellers across North America, EMEA, Latin America, APAC, and the Caribbean distribute the education products.

Promethean World is one of the leading manufacturers of interactive learning technologies. The company also manufactures and supplies electronic equipment – mainly interactive display systems, interactive assessment technologies, and complementary audiovisual equipment, along with educational software. It was incorporated in 2010 and is based in Blackburn, UK.

The company has offices and facilities in such countries as the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Russia, Vietnam, Canada, China, Italy, and the Netherlands. However, 54.94 percent of the net reported revenue of the company is generated in North America. Promethean has two product segments: 1) interactive display systems and accessories, and 2) learner response systems and assessment. As of 2014, 1.3 million interactive display systems manufactured by the company have been installed globally. Also, 6 million student response handsets were deployed worldwide. The company is also a provider of an online interactive whiteboard teacher community under the brand name Promethean Planet, which has registered 2.1 million users globally.

A major portion of both SMART’s and Promethean’s revenue comes from North America and Europe, and this is where the problem lies. The North American market (led by the United States) and the European market (led by the United Kingdom) have a high penetration of interactive displays. Approximately 97 percent of UK classrooms and 61 percent of US classrooms had already installed interactive display systems by 2015. Thus, the interactive display market in the education sector for these regions is saturated.

Boxlight, along with Mimio, derives maximum revenue from North America. Boxlight has a presence in Latin America and Asia, but SMART, Promethean, NEC, and BenQ are also heavily present in Asia, where the demand for interactive displays is increasing. In fact, SMART is deeply rooted in Asia, and it will be difficult for Boxlight to increase market share there. Apart from the United Kingdom, Europe is also a growing market for interactive displays; the demand will exceed 1 million units from the current 400,000 units in 2016. Boxlight has to strengthen its presence in such a high-growth market. The Middle East and Africa are also growing markets for interactive displays; SMART and Promethean have a presence there. Boxlight needs to enhance its presence in the Middle East and Africa to go head-to-head with SMART and Promethean.

The advantage that Boxlight and Mimio have is that together they comprise a heavyweight with a good portfolio of interactive hardware and software, serving as a one-stop solution for all the interactive display requirements of educational institutions.

Mimio products are distributed to 600,000 classrooms across the globe. The company has won many awards, such as a 2014 Award of Excellence by Tech and Learning magazine for the MimioMobile application, an eSchool News 2014-15 Readers Choice Award for its online teaching community, and a 2013 Award of Excellence for its interactive projector by Tech & Learning magazine’s 31st annual Awards of Excellence program.

With the award-winning product line of Mimio, Boxlight is definitely in a better position, and it has a complete and strong portfolio to compete with the leading vendors, SMART and Promethean World. That being said, SMART and Promethean are the giants in the market, and they are most definitely under no major threat from Boxlight and Mimio. But with the stronger portfolio and diversified geographic presence, Boxlight will definitely emerge as a threat to the big guys in the midterm.

Over the next five years, Beige Market Intelligence expects the competitive scenario to change, with Boxlight emerging as the leading vendor in the worldwide interactive display market in the education sector.

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