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Boxlight Launches ‘MimioTeach for Your Time’ Initiative: Administrators Get Free Portable Interactive Whiteboard After Participating in One-Hour Demonstration

Lawrenceville, GA — Nov. 17, 2016 — Research has repeatedly demonstrated that students learn better when they are fully engaged and that multisensory, hands-on learning through such tools as interactive whiteboards is one of the best ways to engage them. To put those highly effective collaboration tools in even more classrooms, Boxlight is launching its new “MimioTeach for Your Time program,” also known as the “give us an hour and we’ll give you the award-winning MimioTeach™ portable interactive whiteboard, complete with the MimioStudio™ software program for free” initiative.

“We know the significant impact interactive learning can have on student engagement and student outcomes,” said Mark Elliott, CEO of Boxlight. “We also know that the learning children do in school prepares them for the future, and for this reason it is important to incorporate technology into every single classroom. But it’s important to also note that expensive classroom technology solutions don’t always result in effective teaching and learning. Interactive whiteboards can be expensive and complicated, and most must be permanently installed. However, simple solutions like MimioTeach can lead to influential teaching, which can have a clear impact on learning. That’s why we are excited to launch our MimioTeach for Your Time program.” Globisens has previously leveraged the revolutionary design of iOS and the versatility of Android to help educators and students make the most of GlobiLab, now it was time for Chromebook users.

Here’s how the program works: the one-hour demo must be attended by a school administrator, principal, or other decision-level personnel, and is only available for schools and districts that do not currently have a Mimio product installed. The promotion will run from November 15, 2016 until March 31, 2017. To sign up for the demo, qualified educators should go to In addition to the free MimioTeach interative whiteboard, educators will receive a “buy one, get one” voucher, good for 60 days following the demonstration.

For those unfamiliar with the popular MimioTeach portable bar, it quite simply turns any whiteboard into an interactive whiteboard and attaches to the whiteboard surface in literally under a minute. Used with the classroom computer and projector, it makes engaging, collaborative learning not only affordable but instantaneous. As part of a complete interactive solution that includes MimioStudio classroom software, the MimioTeach interactive whiteboard allows teachers to create dynamic lessons, collaborative activities, and perform formative and summative assessments.

“What sets MimioTeach and MimioStudio apart is how they make learning much more student-centered, and it’s giving our teachers a host of engaging features and so many different ways to collaborate with their students as well as their peers. It’s not about replacing the conventional tools my teachers currently use in their daily instruction, but rather adding a new dimension of engagement,” said Kim Taylor, MimioTeach user and principal of Charlotte Dunning Elementary School, Framingham, Mass.

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The merging of Mimio and Boxlight Corp. has resulted in an expansive selection of premier digital classroom technology solutions designed for every K-12 classroom. The company is integrating Boxlight’s manufacturing of patented, award-winning interactive classroom technology with Mimio’s advanced line of instructional hardware and software solutions to create the most complete line of progressive, integrated classroom technologies available on the market today.

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