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Boxlight Debuts Two New Projector Lines and New ProColor Interactive Displays

Newest additions increase opportunities for schools to acquire solutions that suit both their classrooms and their budgets

Lawrenceville, GA — May 8, 2017 — Two factors preventing schools from introducing interactive technology into their classrooms are their budgets and the challenge of finding image sizes that are readable for a classroom’s capacity and seating arrangements. To help educators create “just what they need” interactive learning environments, Boxlight has launched two new lines of standard and interactive projectors as well as the second release of its ProColor Series 1 interactive flat panel displays.

The new P9 and Cambridge projector lines bring the latest technology to standard- and short-throw projected images and collaborative areas to the classroom. Schools have the option of interactive and non-interactive projectors, including the P9 WX36N, the only standard-throw interactive projector available on the market.

“Sometimes schools think they need an interactive flat panel when a projector solution would be better suited for the way their educators teach and, of course, for their budget,” said Mark Elliott, CEO of Boxlight. “In addition to creating a variety of options so that teachers and students never have to settle for something that doesn’t truly fit their classroom size and activities, we help educators evaluate their options and provide an array of solutions to best fit their needs now and in the future.”

Cambridge Projectors

The four projectors in the budget-friendly Cambridge line are designed to replace schools’ outdated or failing projectors with ones that provide detailed and brilliant images. New image adjustment features for these projectors allow them to be easily set up with a school’s current interactive technology.

• The Cambridge X33N standard-throw projector provides 3,300 lumens of brightness
• The Cambridge WX33NST short-throw WXGA projector provides 3,300 lumens of brightness
• The Cambridge WX36N standard-throw WXGA projector provides 3,600 lumens of brightness
• The Cambridge X37NST short-throw projector provides 3,700 lumens of brightness

P9 Projectors

The two P9 interactive projectors allow up to five students to work together on an interactive lesson with an infrared pen. Both provide schools on a budget with brilliant large images that would be impossible with flat panel displays of comparable size.

The P9 WX33NST pen-interactive short throw projector creates interactive areas as large as 100 inches. The P9 WX36N is the only standard-throw interactive projector available. It allows teachers to easily move the projector from one classroom to the next and create interactive areas as large as 110 inches.

Both interactive projectors come with three MimioMobile™ connections and the easy-to-learn and easy-to-use MimioStudio™ classroom software for easy creation and delivery of engaging lessons. The classroom software and app enable collaboration and assessment either at the front of the room or on almost any student device.

ProColor Interactive Flat Panel Displays

Many schools have a budget, classroom size and instructional purpose that best suit flat panel displays. The four new ultra-high definition (UHD) ProColor flat panel displays provide 4K clarity so that onscreen content is easier to see, even in large classrooms. In keeping with Boxlight’s mission of providing flexibility for different classroom needs, educators have a choice of sizes:

• The ProColor 652 interactive display 65-inch display
• The ProColor 702 interactive display 70-inch display
• The ProColor 752 interactive display 75-inch display
• The ProColor 862 interactive display 86-inch display

The displays’ Touch 360° interactivity features up to 20 single-touch points or 10 dual-touch for gestures — users can work simultaneously, driving collaborative learning. Each interactive display includes the MimioStudio™ classroom software and allows for complete integration with other Boxlight products, including the MimioMobile™ collaboration and assessment app.

About Boxlight Corp.

The merging of Mimio and Boxlight Corp. has resulted in an expansive selection of premier digital classroom technology solutions designed for every K-12 classroom. The company is integrating Boxlight’s manufacturing of patented, award-winning interactive classroom technology with Mimio’s advanced line of instructional hardware and software solutions to create the most complete line of progressive, integrated classroom technologies available on the market today.

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