Huntington Beach City School District: Preparing Students to Be Ready for Tomorrow’s Workforce

California school district (HBCSD) works with Boxlight to transform its classrooms into 21st century learning environments where students are productive, engaged, creative, and ready to succeed in the modern-day workforce.

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Knowing that 60 percent of the jobs that elementary school students will fill haven’t even been invented yet, Huntington Beach City School District (HBCSD) is on a mission to prepare those students for successful futures by transforming its classrooms into 21st century learning environments.


Hear How Huntington Beach Administrators Create 21st Century Learning in Their Classrooms

Taking Schools to the 21st Century
Gregory Haulk, HBCSD Superintendent

Tips for Helping Teachers Feel Comfortable Using Technology
Christa Glembocki, Dywer Middle School Principal

Can educational technology really improve learning and teach critical 21st century skills? It can, but only when it is integrated into the learning environment to make teaching and learning more efficient, effective, and engaging. Here is how Huntington Beach City School District got started on redesigning their classrooms for 21st century learning.