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MimioStudio Software

  1. Supports class lists.
  2. Supports the ability to import/export class lists from other vendors.
  3. Provides integrated attendance support.
  4. Lets you import/export results.
  5. Lets you manually edit results.
  6. Lets you sort by class/student/test.
  7. Supports student, subject, and test information.

You can import standard assessments into MimioStudio Notebook for use with the MimioVote system. Only files that have been exported from ExamView as Blackboard (6.0-7.0) format can be imported into Notebook.

You can archive old classes by exporting them to a MimioStudio Gradebook Archive (MVA) file. You can export all of your classes to a single file, or you can export each class to a separate file.


There is a limit of 199 questions on the MimioVote handsets. The MimioStudio software will still run on the extra questions, but Gradebook will only capture the first 199 responses.

Category: MimioVote

You can import or create as many classes as you want in Gradebook. Once you have created a class, you can add students to the class by manually entering all student names and information, or you can import a list of students.

Category: MimioVote