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It does not include optical zoom. However, the camera head is on a flexible gooseneck, which can be manually adjusted to provide up to 5.5x zoom. Additionally, up to 16x digital zoom is provided by MimioStudio software.

Category: MimioView

The camera’s output resolution is UXGA (1600 x 1200).

Category: MimioView

The MimioView will work with Mac OS 10.5.8, so please make sure you update the Mac OS by clicking the Apple icon and going to Software Update.

Note: QuickTime Player must be Version 7.7 or higher as well.

Category: MimioView

The MimioView camera lets you capture and instantly share live video and images of dimensional objects and flat documents. It’s a hassle-free way to teach with a camera. Fully integrated with MimioStudio software, the camera uses the menus and toolbar to access useful editing and storage features such as copy, cut, freeze, highlight, rotate, save, and video markup. Your images are easily incorporated into any lesson or used with other MimioClassroom tools such as the MimioVote system. The MimioView camera’s design features simple buttons to quickly refine and orient images without using the software menus. The auto focus button ensures high-quality focus in true-to-life color. The rotate button changes the image orientation in 90° increments, up to a full circle. The freeze button toggles between still shots and live video, while auto tune refocuses the lens and color balance. The view button turns on the camera and lamps.

The MimioView camera has a footprint that’s just 5 in. x 5.5 in., high-resolution optics, two adjustable LED lamps, a flexible gooseneck arm for positioning the camera head, and a handy straight edge at the camera’s base to align documents. Powered by a USB cable, the MimioView camera does not require any extra power adapters.

Category: MimioView

No separate driver is required. The MimioView camera supports UVC, an industry standard that is natively supported by Windows.

Category: MimioView

Users who have installed the Windows 10 Anniversary Update will find that the major update to Microsoft’s flagship OS accidentally disabled many USB-connected webcams. When using the MimioView and MimioView HD with your Windows 10 computer, you may run into an issue where the MimioView is not recognized by your computer’s USB port that the MimioView is connected to.

Unfortunately, this is not a Mimio-based issue, as it’s a Microsoft issue that they seem to be working on to address.

**Update: Microsoft has apologized for causing this issue and released a patch on Tuesday, October 4th, 2016 that resolves the issue with the MimioView and MimioView HD being used with Windows 10 computers that have the Anniversary Update.
Users should be updated automatically to this patch upon a restart or powering on of the computer. If auto-updates have been turned off, you can manually update through the Update feature in Windows—directions are included below.

Open the Settings menu and go to Update & Security > Windows Update.
Click “Check for updates” to prompt your PC to scan for the latest updates. The update will be downloaded and installed automatically once found.
Click “Restart Now” to restart your PC and complete the installation process.

Your MimioView and MimioView HD will now work as expected on Windows 10 computers with the Anniversary Update.

Category: MimioView

Before installing your MimioView, please verify the following items:

  1. The surface should be flat with no projections.
  2. There is no space between the VESA screw holes and the lock surface.
  3. The four screw holes are on the same level.

Please click here for an example.

Category: MimioView

MimioView can be used with any video conferencing application that supports Windows UVC devices, such as Skype, Eluminate, Citrix, and so on. We have tested it with Skype and it works flawlessly with no additional set up. This is a wonderful feature—you can now have a document camera in one room, either in the same building or across the globe, and students can tune in and see what is happening either in a class or an experiment under the camera, all with our hardware! Just go to and download the small application, set up a user name, and log in. The software will recognize the doc cam as “USB Video Device.”

There is one step that may be required if your PC has a built-in camera or other camera source connected/set up. Follow the steps outlined below to change your camera to MimioView:


  1. Go to Skype Tools > Options.
  2. Select the Video Settings icon on the left of the “Skype – options” dialog box.
  3. Once in the Video Settings, select “USB Video Device” from the “Select Webcam” drop-down menu.

NOTE: You must first close MimioStudio before selecting “USB Video Device,” or you will get an error message stating that another application is using the device.


  1. Go to Skype Preferences.
  2. In the Skype Preferences dialog, select the Audio/Video icon.
  3. Change the Camera to MimioView in the Camera drop-down menu.

NOTE: Please make sure you have the latest version of Skype ( or later).

Category: MimioView

MimioTeach and Mimio Xi can go a maximum of 32′ (10 meters) with an unpowered or powered hub between the two cables. Lengths beyond that have not been tested, though using as many powered hubs as you want could provide a longer range (again, not approved by Mimio). If using the MimioCapture, the 16′ cable must be attached directly into the computer—unless you use one powered hub, then you can go up to 32′. The maximum length cable for the MimioView is 25′. The 10′ USB cable that comes with the MimioView plus a 15′ USB extension cable totals 25′ USB. 2.0 High Speed Extension: No power cable required.

USB-C (official name “USB Type-C”) is a new version of the USB standard. Many manufacturers are moving to USB-C, with Apple being the most prominent and moving the fastest. The main benefit of USB-C is that it is reversible—there is no top-versus-bottom. An abundance of technical detail is available on Wikipedia. All Boxlight and Mimio USB cables have the USB Type-A connection at the computer end. Connecting a computer’s USB-C port to the existing cable’s USB-A will require an adapter. Many others can be found online or at most local computer stores.

ProColor xx2 (with most recent firmware):

MimioView (original) – Will not connect to xx2 Panel after most recent firmware upgrade.

MimioView HD – Will connect and work as expected.


Workaround for MimioView (original):

  • Connect MimioView directly to CPU or laptop running MimioStudio instead of through Panel’s USB ports and accessing the Android input.

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