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The MimioTeach system is used with a projector, which allows you to project your entire laptop screen on the whiteboard. You can deliver and interact with lessons and presentations directly from your PC. The MimioCapture system is a MimioTeach accessory that allows you to capture dry-erase notes or drawings directly from the whiteboard and store them on your PC in MimioStudio Notebook. A projector is not used with the MimioCapture system.

The amber LED indicates that the MimioTeach stylus or the MimioCapture pens and eraser needs to be charged. We recommend charging the stylus overnight before using it for the first time and when not in use for maximum performance. Please note that when the MimioTeach is running on battery power, the stylus will not charge. Please plug the MimioTeach bar or the MimioCapture Tray directly into the computer with the USB cable or use the provided USB adapter to plug into the wall and the units will charge.

Official testing has shown that on a single charge, the stylus batteries will last approximately 11 continuous hours. This means 11 straight hours of the tip being depressed. After a minute of the tip being depressed, there is an automatic shutoff, so the signal will stop being transmitted. Most use cases of the stylus show that it is used at very short intervals (in the length of seconds). Therefore, the actual use time it would take for the battery to deplete entirely is pushed to the hundreds of hours. Effectively, the stylus battery power should never fully deplete—but if it does, a five-minute charge will provide up to 30 minutes of use. The styli and eraser will recharge completely in their tray in about three hours.

  • When using Mimio interactively with a projector, select the pen tool and appropriate color from the Mimio Tools to record handwritten notes.
  • You should not be using the Capture Kit pens with dry-erase markers when using Mimio interactively. Set the ink stylus pens aside and only use the Mimio Mouse interactive pen when using Mimio interactively with a projector. It is an incorrect setup to use ink pens with a projected image.

You can use one tray with each MimioTeach system.

Category: MimioCapture

The MimioTeach system detects one pen signal at a time, so the first MimioCapture pen to touch the board is the one that is considered active.

Category: MimioCapture
  • Verify you are correctly in Capture Mode. If all stylus pens show up black, MimioStudio is most likely configured in Interactive Mode and needs to be reconfigured into Capture Mode.
  • Check the stylus color settings in MimioStudio. Select Tools > Settings from the Notebook pull down menu, then select Ink Capture on the left to confirm the color settings for the individual pens. NOTE: You must have a Mimio device connected to your computer to view and modify the pen settings.
  • Verify Mimio Notebook is in Capture Mode. When in Capture Mode, there will be a status message in the lower left corner of Mimio Notebook identifying that you are connected to a Mimio device. Additionally, when in Capture Mode, you will see an image of the Mimio device on the Notebook page as well.
  • Verify the Mimio system works with your stylus pens. If the Mimio works with the pens, but the eraser does not work, try replacing the battery (if using Xi). If a new AAA battery is installed and the eraser still does not work, contact Technical Support for a warranty service RMA.
  1. In Windows, open Mimio Notebook > Tools > Settings.
  2. In Mac, open Notebook from the Apple header > Preferences > Settings.
  3. Select Ink Capture on the left side of the MimioStudio Settings dialog.
  4. Select the Pens of your choice and adjust how it will appear on the Mimio Notebook page, according to color and thickness.
  5. Select OK.

The MimioCapture system is all about speed and convenience. It’s the perfect accessory to the MimioTeach system if you use colored markers in the classroom. Its four ergonomic pens are designed to hold Expo® dry-erase markers and fit comfortably in any size hand. The pens and eraser recharge quickly in a lightweight storage tray that adheres to any magnetic whiteboard. The instant you touch a pen to the whiteboard, MimioTeach tracks whatever you write, draw, or erase in red, blue, green, or black. You can use the MimioTeach stylus in conjunction with dry erase markers because the system switches dynamically back and forth between them.

Saving your whiteboard notes helps you build a library of valuable content, and everything is easily integrated with existing lesson plans from the Mimio Gallery. That’s a time-saver for you because it eliminates the need to rewrite the same notes over and over for each class. And by saving your daily work, you can distribute the files to students later. It’s a great way to help absent students catch up.

Category: MimioCapture

The new MimioCapture pens have a double seal in the cover cap. When placing the cap over the marker, you may only hear one click—the single click means that the cap is not completely tight. There is a possibility that without placing the cap on tightly (which will result in two clicks) may cause the Expo marker to dry out while not in use. To make sure the cover cap is completely pressed in, use two hands and press inwards in both directions to ensure the cap is closed tightly. In addition, when the markers are not in use daily, it is recommended to remove the markers from the MimioCapture pen casing and use the original marker cap to prevent the markers from drying out.

Category: MimioCapture
  • The eraser will not work if using Mimio with a projector in Interactive mode.
  • Try replacing the AAA battery in the eraser (if using with Xi).
  • Verify that the eraser buzzes when the felt pad is depressed in the center. If there is no buzzing, contact Technical Support for a warranty replacement RMA.

MimioTeach technology combines the simplicity of a whiteboard, the power of a computer, and front projection to engage students with vivid images, video, and audio. You get a feature-rich interactive whiteboard that combines color, motion, and interactivity. It also allows you to display your computer desktop and lets you interact with PC applications and navigate websites.

The MimioCapture system lets you save dry-erase marker notes to a connected computer. The MimioTeach device captures and converts the dry-erase marker notes into digital files that can be stored on the PC.

When you have both the MimioTeach system and the MimioCapture system, you can use any size ordinary whiteboard as either an electronic whiteboard (without a projector) or as an interactive whiteboard (with a projector).

Changing pen color and thickness:

  1. In Windows, open Mimio Notebook > Tools > Settings.
  2. In Mac, open Notebook from the Apple header > Preferences > Settings.
  3. Select Ink Capture on the left side of the MimioStudio Settings dialog.
  4. Select the Pen of your choice and adjust how it will appear on the Mimio Notebook page, according to color and thickness.
  5. Press the Ok button.

NOTE: Changing the pen thickness will make the virtual ink thicker or thinner within Mimio Notebook.

USB-C (official name “USB Type-C”) is a new version of the USB standard. Many manufacturers are moving to USB-C, with Apple being the most prominent and moving the fastest. The main benefit of USB-C is that it is reversible—there is no top-versus-bottom. An abundance of technical detail is available on Wikipedia. All Boxlight and Mimio USB cables have the USB Type-A connection at the computer end. Connecting a computer’s USB-C port to the existing cable’s USB-A will require an adapter. Many others can be found online or at most local computer stores.

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