Distance and Blended Learning Courses

Prepare for Distance and Blended Learning opportunities with our Professional Development options on either G Suite or Office 365.

Platform Essentials (PE)

The Platform Essentials (PE) Course is designed for teachers and students to get acquainted with all that Chromebooks and G Suite OR Windows 10 and Office 365 have to offer. Each Course includes 7 Modules that cover navigation, personalization, security and accessibility options. These Courses cover all the essential features of these extensive solutions.

Distance Teaching Essentials (DTE)

The Distance Teaching Essentials (DTE) Program is a structured path for teachers to learn the tools of either G Suite or Office 365 to and enable them to deliver quality instruction either from afar or in a blended approach. The Program includes an on-demand, self-paced Course and virtual, facilitator-led options to learn.

With embedded self-check assessment opportunities and ideas for practice this PD allows participants to demonstrate what they have learned immediately.

Multi-Media Educator Reources & Materials
On-Demand, Self-Paced Course
Suggested Schedule of implementation
Reporting Data for Each Teacher
Virtual, Facilitator-led Session
Post Webinar on Demand Videos
Virtual Hours

For more information please contact DTE@boxlight.com

While our district has had the G Suite platform available to all staff and students for the last few years, not all were utilizing the platform at a fully operational level. The pandemic forced ALL teachers, staff, and students to embrace “Extending Learning Beyond the Classroom”. The Instructional Technology team had to act quickly to bring the “technology reluctant” educators up to speed. Boxlight-EOS has fulfilled a critical role and has been instrumental in helping us prepare our teachers to use G Suite for delivering instruction, interacting with students, and providing support to families.

Boxlight-EOS completely transformed their normal on-site, digital classroom support to “Extending Learning Beyond the Classroom” coaching. The Boxlight-EOS team immediately created a schedule for multiple online training sessions (webinars and virtual playgrounds), a self-paced G Suite course, and provided on-demand virtual support; all in an effort to successfully “Extend Learning Beyond the Classroom”.

During the first two months of providing teachers virtual support, we had over 3,500 instances of participation. We have been kept abreast of progress with weekly reports that provide us with the necessary data to decide the next steps on this unprecedented journey. The resiliency of the Boxlight-EOS team has been phenomenal. Their support is truly appreciated by teachers, administrators, and district staff. We are confident that the support and training they have provided will also be beneficial to in-class instruction when school resumes.

April Mayo, Ed. S.