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Mimio MyBot educational robotics system

Launch robotics in your classroom without any of the common obstacles. With the innovative Mimio MyBot system, robotics and coding can be taught simply and easily. Ready. Set. Build!

Bring real-world robotics lessons to your classroom

The Wi-Fi enabled Fusion™ controller

The Wi-Fi enabled Fusion™ controller
No special software or cables needed. The software, programming languages, and documentation are built in, so all you need is a browser to start learning.

Intuitive and easy-to-use interface

Intuitive and easy-to-use interface
Students start in a simple drag-and-drop environment and grow into a powerful coding environment as their skills develop.

Includes a range of educational content

Includes a range of educational content
On-device access to programming and hardware reference guides, tutorials, videos, and other instructional materials.

Extensive set of building components

Extensive set of building components
Create mobile and stationary mechanical systems to explore engineering principles from simple machines to advanced mechanisms.





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Don’t Just Take Our Word for It

The Mimio MyBot educational robotics system is an award-winning solution that increases engagement and STEM learning.


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Brad Breedlove
Ed.D., UCPS’ Chief Academic Officer

The Mimio MyBot rover being used in conjunction with the ShareSpace Education’s Giant Mars and Moon Maps support the UCPS EmpowerED Instructional Framework. Specifically, these resources support our efforts to bring high-quality STEM lessons that connect the standards for instruction with meaningful learning experiences for our students. In addition, these resources provide opportunities for students to collaborate to solve real life problems while embedding a large amount of creativity into the learning experience.

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NEW Robots in the Classroom and on the Red Planet
Jim Christensen, Executive Director of the ShareSpace Foundation

Making Robotics Easier to Implement in STEM Classrooms
Travis Rink, Boxlight Educator Advocacy Leader

Mimio MicroCloud: Serve Mimio MyBot curriculum, videos, and training materials without a network or internet connection.

Our Mimio MicroCloud server delivers a variety of educational materials by establishing a local wireless classroom community, which students join to access the resources. By selecting one of the available Mimio MyBot robots, the student is connected, programs and files are automatically synced between the student’s account and the robot, and the student is ready to go. The Mimio MicroCloud can also integrate with existing network infrastructures, including LDAP and Active Directory environments, enabling single sign-on access.

Fusion Controller: The brain of the Mimio MyBot.

Simple and intuitive user interfaces enable users to create programs with graphical or text-based programming languages, allowing both novices and experts to code freely.

  • No software or apps to install: MyBot does not require apps or special software to be installed on your PC, tablet, or other device.
  • No need to be connected with a cable: Fusion does not require a physical connection to your device.
  • Use any device with Wi-Fi and a browser: Connect to Fusion via Wi-Fi, then load a browser and log on. Now you’re ready to code and learn!

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Mimio MyBot Base Kit: Built from rugged, aerospace-grade materials, this system was made to survive the rigors of the classroom.

The MyBot educational robotics Base Kit contains everything needed to build a great working robot:

  • Fusion controller
  • Rechargeable battery and battery charger
  • Motors, sensors, metal building components, tools, and fasteners

The Mimio MyBot Base Kit was designed to be easily expanded. Simply add on additional building components, sensors, servos, joysticks, and cameras to create large, sophisticated robotic structures to challenge and inspire advanced students.

Our Resources

We have a wide selection of guides and tip sheets to help you get up and running with your Mimio MyBot system in no time.

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