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Improved Student Outcomes with Boxlight Mimio

Educating today’s students to prepare them for tomorrow can be a challenging task. Education is more than just learning facts – it’s also building essential skills. It’s about teaching students to approach learning creatively and with critical thinking. To be innovative in their approaches and thought process. It’s about learning and working together, and being able to communicate their ideas.

Whether it’s whole-class learning, small-group collaboration, formative assessment, or STEM-based learning, Boxlight offers the services, software, and classroom technology that enable teachers to easily and effectively enhance student outcomes and build essential skills: critical thinking, collaboration, communication, and creativity.


classroom-icon1  Whole-Class Learning

Every Boxlight product is designed to put students at the center of the educational environment, so they’re more engaged, more collaborative, and more motivated. The teacher still drives the instruction, and facilitates the learning. Our whole-class solutions make teaching easier and learning more exciting. When classroom technology is at its best, it doesn’t get in the way.

MimioTeach Interactive Whiteboard | Touch Boards | Touch Board Kit | Boxlight Interactive Projectors | Boxlight Laser Projectors | ProColor Interactive Flat PanelsMimioClarity Classroom Audio Distribution System | MimioStudio Classroom Software | MimioCapture Ink Capture System

classroom-icon2   Assessment for Learning

Assessment tools for Learning with Mimio Boxlight


Differentiating instruction is one of the keys to enhancing student outcomes. In order to personalize learning, teachers need to perform real-time formative assessment. They can do just that with one of three options: the MimioVote assessment, your school’s mobile devices equipped with the MimioMobile app, or any device using a compatible Web browser. They can adjust their lessons accordingly, and use the data to direct small-group or individualized instruction – or to know when to cover a topic again in the whole-class setting.

MimioMobile App | MimioVote Assessment System


Transforming Learning in the Classroom

Watch one of our on-demand educator webinar’s, hosted by experts and leaders in the field of education and
technology. All of our presenters are involved with educators and students every day making an impact, and they
are sharing their insights into creating successful learning environments. Real insights from real leaders.


   Collaborative Learning

Collaboration empowers students to work together. Our classroom software and app facilitate collaboration and help students develop critical thinking skills and build their knowledge across all curricular areas. These skills are essential for their future success, and align to applicable standards. Whether it’s two students working together or many more, collaboration helps develop communication and critical thinking skills, which lead to success both today and tomorrow.

MimioMobile App | MimioStudio Classroom Software | Boxlight DeskBoard | MimioPad Wireless Tablet

Collaborative and Cooperative Learning with Mimio Boxlight


STEM is of critical importance to students – it enables them to build the essential skills they need to be successful. Students learn most effectively when teaching reflects the real world. Using science to solve everyday challenges helps students gain a deeper understanding. With the Labdisc portable lab, it’s easy to incorporate inquiry-based science in daily learning. The Labdisc portable lab is integrated with our hardware and software to provide an extraordinarily rich STEM teaching environment. Launch robotics in your classroom with none of the common obstacles with the innovative Mimio MyBot system. Making STEM both fun and effective.

Mimio MyBot Educational Robotics System | Robotic and Space Bundles | Labdisc Portable STEM Lab | MimioView Document Camera

Experience the Boxlight Classroom

Speak with our technology experts so they can better understand your instructional needs and determine what solutions will best fit your curriculum, current technology setup, and budget.

Our experts will assist you with an audit of your technology needs, and discuss the challenges you are facing with technology. We will help you determine the right solutions and schedule an in-person demonstration.

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